Thursday, September 09, 2010

Day 6

Today is our last day in Fuzhou...we will be heading to Guangzhou tonight to finish the American paperwork so we can bring our little man home. It's always an emotional time when leaving your child's province. While we are super excited to be one step closer to home, the realization that our boy is leaving his birth home is definitely a tough one.

We did upload a some new pics. and videos from yesterday here:

We are loving all of your comments!! Your support and love for us is amazing!!!! I can't wait to print out all of the comments and put them in Solomon's journal...what a treasure!!!

Everyday we wake up so excited to see what we are going to learn about our son. He is an amazing gift from the Lord. I am still having such a hard time processing all that God has done to bring Solomon to is so incredible that is hard for me to wrap my brain around it. When and if I do, watch out for a really long blog post...LOL!! I think about the day we first learned about him and how his photo literally took my breath away & had my heart racing a million miles a minute and how God clearly told us this was our son and that He would provide EVERYTHING to bring him home AND then to watch God provide all the way up until we were boarding the plane..AMAZING...UNBELIEVABLE...sooo BEAUTIFUL and sooo totally our Lord!!!!!!! Oh, how this mama feels so undeserving but sooo completely blessed and definitely filled to overflowing!!

Will post more once we are in Guangzhou :o)

Random thoughts from China (Paul):

- Giant Panda's and fast trains are cool. They should put Giant Panda's on the fast trains.

- Stacy thinks all the Chinese girls are staring because we are two white people with a Chinese baby, I think that they are all checking me out.

- It's raining at home, bummer, we can't go to the park. It's raining in Fuzhou, a Typhoon is coming!

- Solomon really doesn't like to go to bed. First night he was very compliant and slept in his crib, second night he started in his crib but was very nervous about it, next couple of nights refused to lay down and we had to hold his head while he passed out sitting up.

- Solomon has flushed the toilet about 98 times so far today. Hey, where's my toothbrush?

- Solomon likes to throw things, he throws everything.

- Was Houdini Chinese?

- I learned how to tear the head off of a fresh shrimp, peal off the body and legs. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it twitched.

- Playing video games from China with a 300+ ms ping time isn't as much fun as my sub-30ms pings from home.

- Jinjiang is a large exporter of shoes. I wonder if Solomon had stayed if he would have ended up working at one of the shoe factories. Jinjiang is called the "China Shoes Capital" and makes almost a billion pairs of shoes each year.

- Ham? That's NOT ham. Pig blood soup, stir fried bamboo shoot, grilled goose breast with pepper, fried fungus with celery. Do they eat this stuff?

Random thoughts from China (Stacy):

- It's fun seeing him mimic what we say and pick up new English words. Very early on he started saying "Paul" and we kept correcting him to say "Daddy" instead. But we learned that "Paul" actually meant up!

- He is really enjoying going all over the place and is always saying "let's go!"

- He has the best smile!

- I was very excited to get my wonton soup until I saw the baby shrimp floating in it :(

- It's interesting to me how they preserve things that they display in various places. At the museum, they had a couple that were over 700 years old laying in a glass coffin full of formaldehyde. All of their skin was still intact! At the Panda display they had all of the different stages of baby growth compared to Panda growth. It looked like actual babies in formaldehyde jars.


alhop2 said...

What an amazing journey from the very moment the email came into your box! YOUR SON! Your precious boy! I am blessed to have been there with you as you faith journeyed this process. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Love the random thoughts...China is! I'd probably be tempted to bring my own food (silly American girl!) :)
Love ya,
Andrea Kovacs

Emma Kate's family said...

Bless your travel to Guangzhou. May you feel God's abiding presence as the day unfolds and His hand firmly upon Solomon for this transition to Guangzhou from Fujian. Grace and peace to you, from our Lord Jesus Christ. And love from Minnesota!

Jodi said...

you guys are funny!

What an exciting time for you.

I'm so happy for you :) :)

He's such a beautiful little boy!

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

Sam and Eli are both from the Guangdong province so we were in Guangzhou the entire time for both trips. It was all torn up last November. Hopefully things are put back together by now.

Our husbands are so much alike!

Amy P.

Anita said...

Stace - Pictures are posted of our new son, Kaleb!! When you have time (HAHA HAHA!!), drop in and take a look. We can't wait to bring him home!! Thanks for your sweet note and yes we have got to find a phone call night when you return! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

SUCH fun and a blessing to follow your journey. Your comments get a loud "amen" from this house! Our common motto became "only in China..." the 2 times we were there! :) Enjoy every minute of that precious one on one time with your handsome little guy. love, Sarah H.

Julie said...

Loving your posts! Glad to hear all is going well. He is a cutie! Congratulations!

Susanz Place said...

i read these post and all i can say is ONLY OUR GOD!!!!!

Linda said...

Love the random thoughts!

Stacy, that baby shrimp is the BEST part of wonton soup, trust me! LOL

My heart goes out to all of you as you leave his birth province. Just day, when he's older, he will return there for a visit and be able to share his amazing testimony of God's grace!

Our family: said...

Love the photos! You guys are having way too much fun!
Solomon is a cute as ever!


Happiness in Numbers said...

So glad to hear you all are doing well. We just love getting to see China through your eyes. Solomon's happy faces brings us such joy. We can't wait to have you all home soon.