Sunday, March 25, 2012


1 week ago today, my team and I completed the LA Marathon for this little guy....
 and I am beyond excited to say that the Lord provided ALL $10,000 for his desperately needed heart surgery!!!!!!  YYEESS!!!!!!!!!!

In the Dodger suite before the marathon!
One of the most amazing, incredible gifts was to be able to run this race with my baby sister. It still brings me  to tears that we were able to share this together...INCREDIBLE!!!! Jamie, I love you so much and I am so proud of you!
Here we are heading down to the starting you see what I see...the sun, the beautiful, glorious SUN!! God literally parted the skies...the skies that ALL weather forecasters said were full of thundering rain.  We all begged and pleaded (some even danced ;) for beautiful weather but we accepted, prepared, and were fully committed to run through the storm for Herschel. I can not even begin to express how much joy I had when I saw the dark clouds rolling away and the beautiful blue sky was as if the Lord did that just for us!!
Beverly Hills with 2 of the most AMAZING women. 
Finishing as the winds just about blew us over :) Finishing a race we began...finishing strong. This was Jennifer's first marathon and Jamie's first 1/2 marathon. Words can not describe how proud of these gorgeous ladies I am. They both endured a very difficult race with grace and strength...with giggles and praises to God...YOU DID IT GIRLS and I will NEVER, EVER forget this day and the treasure it was to run this race with you!!
 I am still in awe of the entire experience...honestly, I am still very emotional about the whole thing. To be able to run this race with all of my precious be able to share all our victories be united for one little precious orphan watch the Lord move mightily in ALL our lives for the orphans of this FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!
Thank you my sweet bloggy friends for all of your prayers and guys are amazing!!!!!