Tuesday, December 09, 2008


ALL these precious one's are home for their first Christmas! Sit back and enjoy reading these stories of how the Lord has brought each of them home. I know there are a lot more of you out there...leave me your blog address in my comments and I'll add your little miracle, too. Congratulations to each of you!!

Diezel and Xia AND Christiana (what an amazing story of love!)
Emma Faith
Lucy Joy & Amy
Naomi Tao Xuan
Susanna (talk about a miracle story..we met this beauty in Kunming..we were told she would never be adopted because of her severe heart condition...I am here to say GOD IS SO GOOD! You HAVE to read her miracle story)
Sophie Mei

"It's Christmastime again and now your home...
you're family is here so you will NEVER be alone!"

Monday, December 08, 2008

Is this your baby's first Christmas home?

I LOVE this song. Once again, hearing it causes me to bawl...always does. The words so beautifully express the waiting parents heart. I listened and cried through this song as we waited and now I cry at the beauty that "It's Christmas time again and NOW you're home...your family is here so you will NEVER be alone..."

You see, I will never forget the Christmas of 2006...we were certain she was going to be home! As the realization that she wasn't going to be home sunk in, the harder it was to remain hopeful that she was ever coming home. But our God is faithful and she is home indeed!!

*Is this your little one's first Christmas home? If so, leave me a comment. My next post will be a blog list of families that are home and together for their first Christmas.

I will start the new post on Wednesday...don't worry, as long as you are giving me your blog addresses, I'll keep adding them.

I can't wait to see all that our Lord has done this year in bringing your children home!!!