Friday, February 19, 2010


We just received word from our fabulous, amazing agency...Nightlight Christian Adoptions...we have be awarded a $2000 grant towards our adoption fees!!! We are so excited!!! And of course...this is exactly what we needed for the first phase of our international adoption fees...HOW COOL IS OUR GOD!! He continues to be faithful and provide our 'mana'...just what we need, when we need it, EXACTLY what we more, no less! LOVE IT!!

One more step closer to you baby boy...we love you so much!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The process...

Dh & I felt clearly called to IA, again.
Of course, we are using NCA.
Our ds found us through a sn/wc email.
Immediately sent our LOI to CCAA requesting PA to adopt ds.
Began our HS and
tried not to pester our sweet sw to hurry things along.
We need our HS so we can submit our I800A to the NBC at USCIS.
Once we have USCIS approval, we can be DTC and
Get the magic LID.
All the while stalking RQ while we wait for our
LOA, I800, for NVC to send cable, & article 5 AND
Ultimately get our TA and CA!!!

And THAT is the adoption process in a nutshell :)
Just found this new picture of our happy boy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Chalk feet...

I LOVE IT!!! My little chalk feet and sweet little hands are everywhere!

Watch out...these hands and feet are going to rock the world for Jesus!

Monday, February 15, 2010

This was UNDER my bed......

We realized a couple of nights ago that we had a possum in our attic & were going to call the pest control today. Last night I was praying specifically that the stupid thing would just go away. WELL, my darling hubby woke me up this morning and ushered me down our hallway (as he shut all the doors btw) and into the living room. He then told me that there was a possum stuck, YES STUCK, in our furnace closet in the hallway.

We put up 2 gates so that the stupid thing would go out the front door. WELL, that's not exactly what happened. The possum eventually wiggled out of the closet (above picture) but do you think he would be drawn to the light of day....NOOOOOO...he went to the end of the hallway so dh followed it with a broom and shooed it toward the front door. WELL, the gate at the other end of the hallway was off the ground like 4" because of the baseboards and the dumb thing squished UNDER the gate and INTO MY ROOM and UNDER MY BED!!!!!!!!! Baby S saw all of this happening and it was love at first sight. "Awwww mama, he's so cute...I lub him...can I hold the skunk?" Hehehe, she thought it was a skunk.

Now WHAT do we do??? DH thought it was pretty funny and I on the other hand was not very amused....I had to pee really bad but I was NOT going down that hallway for nothing (sorry, I'm a hard core city girl and that's just plain creepy!)

This was our first attempt to get it out...a trail of fruit leading to the front door. You know what the stupid thing would come out long enough to grab the fruit and go right BACK UNDER the bed!!!!
Our second attempt......a trash can full of fruit....dh put the trash can at a 45' angle and the theory was that it would climb in and get stuck once the trash can was stood up (according to google that is ;)
In the meantime, I called our Pest Control and after much deliberating, they said we'd have to call Animal Control. Ugghh, today is a holiday and everyone is CLOSED! So about 20 mins. went by and believe it or not, IT WORKED!! The silly thing climbed right into the trash can & started pigging out!
At this point the whole house was awake. Here's their conversations..."He's so cute, can we keep him...come on...please can we keep him...mama, I want to hold him." Needless to say, he went for a very long ride, far away and let go safely with the rest of his fruit.