Saturday, June 20, 2009

The WINNERS are....

Because of all of you we raised $840...can you believe that?? God is so good!!!

Okay, here are the pictures that go with the drawing...I was having technical difficulties with my video camera. My kids had a BLAST pulling tickets out. They kept their eyes shut the whole was hilarious!! As stated in my first post, I will notify the winners by email. The first winner will choose the item they want, then the 2nd winner will choose from what's left, and so one.....

Here are all the tickets...some families wanted the amount they donated to be anonymous so that's why these are flipped upside down & some families didn't want their donation to be included in the raffle but I promise they are all there :)

Winner 1: Erika R.
Winner 2: Laura T.
Winner 3: Christine L.
Winner 4: Dianne C.
Winner 5: Scott F.
Winner 6: Christine L.
Winner 7: Lisa N.
Winner 8: Elise G.
Winner 9: Chandra L.
Winner 10: Tammy M.
Winner 11: Chandra L.
Winner 12: Steffany B.

What you've all been waiting for...the winners, in order drawn randomly by my FABULOUS children are:
1. Erika Richards
2. Laura Taylor
3. Christine Leffler
4. Dianne Cooper (I need your email girl!!)
5. Scott Fambrough
6. Christine Leffler
7. Lisa Nunns
8. Elise Groot
9. Chandra LaRose
10. Tammy Millage
11. Chandra LaRose
12. Steffany Boster
Giveway: Erica Shubin

Today is the day!!!

We are ONE hour away from the drawing...Yahoo...IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO CHIP-IN!!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Rodriguez is HERE!!!

I am in tears as I write this...sweet baby Rodriguez is here!!! Go congratulate his precious family here. And PLEASE continue to pray for his "big" brother...he is still one sick little man!!!

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS LEFT TO HELP THIS SWEET FAMILY by ChippingIn for the below raffle. I am in awe of how God is providing for this family!!!