Friday, November 20, 2009

Pray and Fast these babies home!

Earlier this week the Canadian Government put an immediate halt to all Visa's allowing children to be adopted from Africa. They are launching an investigation and will not re-open adoptions until it's completed.

PROBLEM is...there are Canadian families RIGHT Uganda...with their new babies...and they are being told that Visa's will not be issued. Plain english...without their children's visa's their children can't come home!

This precious family is in need of our prayers. Please head over to their blog and let them know you are praying!! Schalk Family blog

It frustrates me greatly when all the political junk gets in the way. I have no doubt that there is a legitimate concern and that's why an investigation is being pursued but let the families that are currently stuck in Uganda get their babies home! I mean, come on, what are these families suppose to do...leave their children in know the children that are just beginning the bonding and trust process...the children that were promised to never be left alone again...the children that finally have their forever family...oh, this just breaks my heart.

Oh precious Father, I lift this family up to You! Lord, be with them...fill them with Your peace. Give them wisdom as they make their next steps. Father, we ask for your favor on them and allow them to bring their precious children home. Protect their hearts and give them strength to continue to trust and cling to you. Protect these 2 darlings...protect their hearts, Father...bring these children home. Please move the mountains, Lord!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On a lighter note...Hair Cuts gone wrong....

Here's the setting: I call my sweet hubby to tell him that we are finally on the way home (from AZ) and we should be home in about 7 hours.

The phone conversation goes like this:
Hubby: Oh more thing...just remember how much you have missed the kids and how much you love them. Please don't start crying when you see her...

Me: What...what do you mean...what's wrong...who?!?! (I'm envisioning one of my babies with a black eye or some other horrible wound)

Hubby: Well...I was on a call for work and I was paying **** (this child will remain nameless but I assure you they are plenty old enough to be watching the girls, especially with daddy home :) to watch the girls while I finished the call. And well...remember how much you missed the kids, okay...ummm, I finished up my call and came out of the room. I saw the girls in the backyard and saw baby C and baby S sitting at the patio table. I'm still not sure how they got out there because I locked all of the doors before I took my call and made it very clear that NO ONE was suppose to open ANY doors & our kids always Baby S had a pair of scissors and she was very carefully cutting baby C's hair.

Me: bad is it?

Hubby: Really bad....

Me: HOW bad????

Hubby: The worst hair cut, yet.'s really bad!

Me: HOW BAD!!!! Like has she been scalped??

Hubby: It's really bad...not sure how you are gonna fix this one...I don't think it's'll see when you get home.

Me: Ummm...okay.

I proceeded to call him SEVERAL more times on the lllooonnnngggg drive home and plead with him to tell 'how bad'....I plead with him to send a picture to my phone and he won't put me out of my misery. I prepare myself for the worse and prepare myself that I may have to shave all her beautiful hair off....I keep telling myself that it will grow back, that it's only hair.....

I was pleasantly surprised...IT'S NOT THAT BAD...I can definitely do something with that. Well, actually...I'm taking her to the professionals for this one :) I want to see your "Hair cuts gone wrong". It's your turn to blog about your little hairstylists!! Let me know if you do and I'll post a link to your blog!
Your blogs here...check out these doosies!

Oh and here is the final outcome....