Thursday, May 12, 2011

She's 5 Today...

How can it be?  How can she...

Be FIVE today?
Oh, our beautiful, miracle girl. You are a gift that we could have never dreamed possible! There are no words to describe how much we love you...just know baby girl, you are a part of who daddy and I make us better...we love you sweet one!

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Hmmmm, I don't even know where to's been far too long and I miss you guys terribly!

We are all doing fantastic!  The kiddos are all doing great. Solomon continues to amaze me with how ready he was for a forever family. God moved mightily to prepare him for our family.  He is doing WONDERFUL and we are so in awe of this little miracle.

We were blessed to take our annual family vacation. My parents, sisters & their families were all about a much NEEDED time to get away & just focus on our family!!! There were so many fabulous firsts for Solomon.  As he ran freely on the beach, I was blown away with the thoughts of what his life was like before he was home.  Watching him was so precious and honestly, it was really hard for me to process...seeing him experience the sheer joy of freedom to run...freedom to play...freedom to scream with glee...freedom to get dirty ...simple freedom's we take for granted every day...freedom's he has NEVER experienced until that glorious day he became ours. Oh, what a wonderful new beginning!!

 First steps in the sand!
 My sweet nephews
 My Bella neice
 And they are off!!!
 My sweet nephew
 My sissy taking the girls sea shell hunting
 Doing the beach Grammy style
  Papa and Grammy and ALL the grand kids!! Does it get more beautiful than that?
 MY GIRLS!!!!!
 My cup overfloweth!!!
(even if it's virtually impossible to get a picture with everyone looking, smiling, and eyes open :)
 Such a daddy's boy...everything he does, he says "just like my daddy!"  
  Freedom to play and get dirty
 Dirty face and all ;)
 Freedom to live, to be loved, to have joy!
 He LOOOVVEESSS his silly, he wouldn't sleep without them!
Thank you for this life, Lord!!!