Thursday, June 17, 2010

Must share...

I simply must share about 2 very, very special families!! The mama's of these families challenge & bless me so deeply and I can't selfishly keep them to myself so I'm gonna tell you all about them...well, not ALL about them ;)

First Blessing...
I have been blessed to become good friends with the precious mama of this family, Stephanie! The Lord brought us together through one of my yahoo groups (our boys share the same sn). She emailed me off-line and her first sentence was, "Your son is so beautiful!! Then I realized that I advocated for him." Do you have any idea what this does to a mommy's heart??? I was so overwhelmed with her love for our boy...she was trying to find his forever family...oh, that blesses me so!! We quickly learned that we have the same china coordinator and the rest is history :)

Of course, her love for the Lord & the call to care for the orphan instantly bonded us together!!! They are in the process of adopting the most beautiful little girl, Channing. They are hopeful that they will be traveling NEXT week to bring her home! Would you stop by her blog here and love on her and her sweet family? The desperately need to raise the last $2500 to bring her home and are hosting a LAPTOP AND WII have to check it out!!!

Second Blessing...
This family...I simply love them...we have known each other for many moons & am so blessed that the Lord brought us together. Mama Erica was introduced to me by my precious friends, Susan & Tammy. Erica and her family were just beginning the adoption process to Silas at the time. We quickly became close friends. Our kiddos LOVE spending time with their kiddos...too bad they moved to FLORIDA...what's up with that!!!!!

They have clearly heard God's call to go back to Ethiopia and bring home their daughter & they are knee-deep in the paperchase. Each adoption program requires their fees to be paid at different phases of the adoption but with Ethiopia, a HUGE chunk of it is due before you can even send your dossier to Ethiopia. Meaning...if they don't have the funds once the are ready to be 'docs. to Ethiopia' then they will have to wait...they will have to wait to even be matched with their daughter who is already waiting. They only need $2200 to be funded enough to get their dossier to ET. So, scoot on over here and see what Mama Erica is selling, raffling to help reach their goal.

Who are you blessed by? Post about it & add your little link below so we can all be blessed, too!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pictures about those new pictures I promised ya :)
Is it just me or is my boy growing up?? It's kind of a crazy feeling to see your baby grow up through pictures. Words can not even describe how thankful we are to have each and every picture...It is an AMAZING gift! I feel like we get to be part of his life even though we can't be together, yet. I miss him so much it hurts!! I love you baby boy and can't wait to have you in my arms!!

Food...OF COURSE :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


The winners for the fabulous Junk Posse & Solomon Beads raffle are:

Custom Earrings: Gaylette
Custom Bracelet: Michal
Custom Necklace: Fernando









The Bracelet Giveaway winner is: The Benson Family

I used a the random generator to select the winners. I am so excited for each of you!!! Our deepest "thank you" to each of you who participate in this raffle...we are truly blessed by you!!