Friday, August 27, 2010

Please pray....

Another UPDATE: Because of a few emails I've received, I wanted to clarify something....we thought we were leaving Sept. 2. Our TA did not come when the other Art. 5's with our date came last week. It should have come last week but it didn't. We have reason to believe that it hasn't been mailed out, yet and we also have reason to believe that the consulate dates for all of Sept. are almost full, again. We think there are a few spots left at the end of Sept. If our TA arrives next week, we hope to be able to secure one of these Sept. spots. The major problem for our family if we have such a late CA we will have to be in-country for 3 weeks because of the holiday. There are several reasons why 3 weeks in China will be very difficult for our family!! If we have to wait to travel in October, we are not sure that we can afford it...the rates will be much higher because of the Oct. holidays. We just miss our little guy and want him home asap!! Bottom-line...there is a lot going on & we are just asking prayer for peace and God's perfect timing. Thank you sooo much!

UPDATE: You prayers are so beautiful to me and the Lord is definitely answering your prayers of peace. I promise it's nothing major...just a very disappointed mama because our timeline may be radically changed. We are confident in the Lord's timing and His perfect plan. So while my heart is very sad and disappointed, it is very hopeful of all God is going to do!!! I know my Lord is right here, with me, giving me His amazing peace and reassurance that He has carried us this whole way and He is not going to leave us now. I am so thankful for a hubby who's peace and trust is so strong. I love you babe and am blessed by your calm love and trust...especially when I'm wigging out :)

'cause the pain you've been feeling,
can't compare to the joy that's coming'

The JOY is coming SOON...this I know to be true!
I can't really share all of the details but will you please be praying? I sure wish I could but I can't, I just need you to pray! Pray for favor for our travel approval and consulate appointments. My heart is very, very heavy right now.