Thursday, January 13, 2011 items have been added!  Just so blessed by God's continual provision for our sweet Solomon. Can't wait to post pics. of our Pure Religion BAG!!!!  They will be here any day!!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A family in need...

I'm sure most of you have heard about precious Davids & the urgent need for a family since his first family backed out...leaving his without a forever family 2 weeks before he ages out!! Beautiful news...HE HAS A FOREVER FAMILY!

Will you please stop by this blog and keep up to date on how you can pray for his new family. The Lord is going to have to MOVE the mountains to allow all of this to happen so quickly!!  Spread the word...surround this family and sweet boy in prayer.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request!!

I just received an email from sweet friends that are in Cincinnati right now for testing with their 4yr. old son "S". He has the same medical needs as Solomon...they came home with him just as we were leaving for China.

We are calling all prayer warriors...they have just discovered that their precious son actually only has 1 kidney and that kidney is "in the last stages before complete renal failure. There is a number we are following-30. This is where he is now. Renal failure and dialysis start at 30. Healthy people are between 90-120. Of course I asked about transplants and the answer is no. He is not healing enough to get one, and his body will soon reject. If his numbers can be maintained perhaps in a few years..."

This beautiful families loves the Lord and is pleading with our God to heal their sweet babe.

I would be lying if I said this news didn't upset fact, it made me ill & worry for their sweet "S" and our precious Solomon. We knew this could be a possibility for Solomon...we've seen this with several other kiddos with this same birth defect. We have prayed and hoped for the best diagnosis for Solomon but he is completely in the Lord's hands. But my mama's heart is worried...plain & simply worried...worried for our son and worried for our friends son. But don't let my worry fool you ;P In my worry, I do COMPLETELY TRUST my God...the Creator of all things...the Creator of my baby boy!

There are several complications that come with this special medical need...tethered spinal cord, kidney issues, etc. All needs that we have prayed the Lord would protect Solomon from. The testing we will go through in the Cincinnati in early February will help answer a lot of questions.

Would you please join us in praying for God's complete healing for "S" and guidance for his family...for peace as they wait to see all that the Lord has planned for their son?? Thank you so much!!!!

Can it be....

Is it even possible to be more amazed after my post yesterday????? I should be schooling the kiddos right now but I can't...I can't stop singing praises to my Lord...I just got off the phone with the insurance dept. regarding our trip to Cincy for Solomon. I wanted to figure out how much we would need while we were there so we could pray very specifically. But our God is amazing....we will not need ANYTHING while we are there. They will first bill our insurance and then bill us once we are home. So, we will have most likely have some steep bills BUT I won't need those funds to be able to get Solomon the care he needs. The bills will come later.

Ahhhh, all of the beautiful pieces the Lord has bought together...
~His promise to provide every penny for our adoption costs
...we knew it would be a long journey of total faith...we knew He would provide what we needed exactly when we needed it...not ahead of time and nothing extra...we knew He would be providing all the way up until we boarded the plane and He did....we were literally receiving funds while we were flying to China...our money for the plane tickets came in 24 hours before we were suppose to board the plane

~His promise to provide insurance for our son with 'pre-exisiting' conditions
...our travel to bring him home was delayed and we were so sad BUT THAT DELAY allowed us to land home on Sept. 17th...on Sept. 23rd the new policies re: pre-exsisting conditions in children changed and our baby boy was approved for health insurance that made Cincinnati IN-NETWORK!!! Health insurance that we could afford!

~His promise to provide for our travel and medical expenses
...He provided enough frequent flyer miles through a friend that our tickets didn't cost us anything!! He's allowing our insurance to be billed first for Solomon's 2 week trip at Cincinnati money needed up front!!
...He continues to allow our beads to be sold as a way to provide for those extra costs

Please be encouraged...if God has called you to bring your child home, He will provide...REST and TRUST in His perfect & trust the He will provide in HIS way and in HIS timing. Allow yourself to be molded & shaped for His glory. It might be a little painful & scary but what better hands could you be in??

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stand Amazed...

When Solomon found us, God impressed very deeply in our hearts that He would provide ALL the funds needed for his adoption. He also very clearly told us that He would also provide for his medical needs but that we needed to take one day at a time and trust Him. 

We all watched in absolute amazement as He miraculously provided (through many of you) the funds needed to bring our boy home.  I honestly still can't find adequate words to describe that journey! I have resolved that there truly aren't words to describe all that the Lord did in me...did in my bring my boy home.

So, here we are...Cincinnati itinerary in hand...plane tickets needing to be bought...thousands of dollars needed for our sweet son to see the world's best & only pediatric colorectal team in the world....Solomon & I are 4 weeks away from traveling to Cincinnati and I worry wonder okay...worry...there, I said it...worry about how will we buy the plane will we pay the medical bills.  I tell ya...God must shake His head at me & think "Yea of little faith...look at all I have just done & you still worry???"  Yes, we have insurance but it's a PPO which means we have a $1000 deductible...which means they will only cover part of the much will they actually need in 4 weeks...I don't will we buy the plane tickets we need just to get there...I don't know...can hear it...hear God gently, lovingly but firmly telling me "It's not for you to know but I know and that all you need to know!!"

THEN just as my Lord does...TODAY...He provided our plane tickets...both mine and Solomon's...paid...reserved...DONE!!! Friends from church heard of our need and gave us their frequent flyer miles...I stand amazed!!

So what now...we still need the money to pay the hospital bills but once again, God has given me His perfect peace He will provide for our baby boy because He is our provider...He is our Jehovah-Jireh!  He alone!!!