Friday, June 11, 2010

Last post....

UPDATE: Order will be placed Tuesday morning ;)
Well...the last post for our T-Shirts & bead raffle....
this is your LAST CHANCE to order your tshirts before I place our order
I will be placing the order Monday morning...

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What have you got to lose?

We have been blessed to receive new pictures of our little guy & there is one that is rocking my heart!

Remember little Zhu...Solomon's best friend??? HE STILL NEEDS HIS FOREVER FAMILY! My heart is just wrecked for this little one. Just look at them...they remind me of our giggly, so attached...they are even wearing matching shirts in the new pictures I got!!!!

I just keep thinking about the day we get to meet this sweet one...getting to love on him, and then turning around, walking out, & leaving him behind without his best friend. I imagine if it was our girls... separating them would be devastating! Ohhh, I can't bear heart is breaking!!!

Please...I am begging you...spread the word about Zhu...PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that his family will be found!!!
(our sweet boy on the left and his best buddy on the right)

So what are you waiting for
What do you have to lose
Your insecurities
They try to hold to you
But you know you're made for more
So don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all it takes
And you can walk on the water too

So get out and let your fear fall to the ground
No time to waste, don't wait
And don't you turn around, and miss out on
Everything you were made for
Gotta be, I know you're not sure, more
So you play it safe, you try to run away
If you take that first step
Into the unknown
He won't let you go

Monday, June 07, 2010

6 More days...

Only 6 days left to order your awesome-must have-Pure Religion Solomon Shirt...


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