Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request for my Aunt Lenore

~My Aunt Lenore(left) and my mama~
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Thursday 11/19: My mom is back in AZ with my aunt...can't wait to get an update from her! My aunt had a trach tube put in this morning and that procedure went well. The hope is to bring her completely out of sedation by Saturday. Please be praying all goes smoothly and that God will prepare my aunt for the road ahead.

Tuesday 11/17: My precious aunt is doing well. The hope is to remove the ventilator tonight or tomorrow. They tried earlier but it was not a good thing! Her platelets are still dangerously low but it appears she may be producing a little on her own. She still has so long to go! Thank you for your precious emails and prayers. I can't wait to share them with her!!!

Saturday: She had a rough night. The ventilator caused a large coughing attack which opened 'things' up. Her surgery that was planned for Monday happened at 3pm today. It took longer than planned but the surgeon was very pleased with how it went. He and the nurses continue to marvel at how well she is doing while telling us she is still in very, very critical condition. They have said this is "uncharted territory"...that patients do not survive this! Many specialists across the country are being advised on the next steps. Right now they are handling her symptom by symptom.

She is still far from out of the woods. Her blood pressure tanked again and her body is still not producing platelets on it's own. She is still under heavy sedation and the hope is to slowly wake her soon. Please be praying!

Friday: YAHOO...God is moving!! After today's surgery, the doctor's can't believe what is happening. Her body is healing!!! The surgeon said that people do not live through this...he's consulted several specialists and they are in awe!!

She is still in critical condition. Monday's surgery is a major one! The hope is to close her up, remove the ventilator, and slowly bring her out of sedation. Her kidney's are stable (you know the one's that were in failure & were going to need dialysis) & her blood pressure is stable!!! I just want to scream from the mountain tops...DO YOU SEE HIM...DO YOU SEE HIM NOW? DO YOU SEE WHAT OUR LORD IS DOING? HE IS DOING THIS SO YOU WILL SEE HIM AND BELIEVE IN HIM!!!!

~Keep praying my faithful prayer warriors...God is listening and answering those prayers~

Thursday: Her blood pressure is still very low and they are still having a hard time getting it under control. They have discovered a large blood clot...will know more soon. Please keep praying!! Hey...leave me a comment and let me know you are praying....I want my family to see the love and support they are receiving!!
Wednesday: She had another rough night. The plan is another surgery today. I'll keep you posted. It's so hard when everything is so uncertain.

I know our Lord loves her more than any of us but how I pray He chooses to heal her here but we pray for His perfect will. Lord, we trust you and know your plans are so much greater than we could ever imagine. We love our Aunt Lenore so much and want so desperately to see her body healed. Thank you for continuing to strengthen her...Lord help her to remain strong. Father, continue to amaze the doctors by your yourself to our family who have yet to give their lives to you. Update: Surgery was longer than expected and rough. My mom will be there tomorrow morning...should have a good update then.

Tuesday: She had a rough night and rough day.

Monday: The surgeon will be "checking" things out tonight. He said he is pleased with how she is healing but she still has so long to go. One praise...she is starting to breath on her own. My sweet, sweet aunt...we love you so much!

Sunday: She is the most stable she has been so far. The dr. is giving her today to rest. Her veins are still not absorbing fluids. She is still in renal failure...her BP is still too low and she is still on the venilator. Please continue to pray that she can remain strong and fight. Pray that all the drs. involved are making the right decisions. She had a minor procedure this morning and she did great. We are on our way home. It's so hard to leave :(

Saturday: They have postponed surgery this morning because she had a rough night and is not stable enough for this next surgery. UPDATE: Couple hours later....God has once again stabilized my sweet aunt and they are rushing her off to surgery. The surgeon said he needs to 5 feet of 'good' small intestines (we have 18 feet of intestines...1 ft. was removed during the first surgery) Everytime we sit and wait...pace and pray that she will survive the surgery. The surgeon came rushing around the corner about an hour after she was taken to surgery. HER BOWELS ARE HEALING...God is healing her bowels...he didn't have to remove any intestines. The surgeon was grinning from ear to ear...he couldn't believe what he saw. She is still in very critical condition but our hope is soaring. She still has many surgeries ahead of her but right now we are PRAISING our Lord...I just wanted to scream...can you see it...can you see our God moving and healing! Some of our family is saved and some are aunt is...our prayer is that they will SEE what our Lord is doing and that He will become real to them.

Friday: Her body is fighting very hard but she is in grave condition. The surgeon said she is not stable enough for surgery and her body is declining rapidly. She is still in renal failure and she is beginning respirtory failure. Her blood pressure is still extremely low and her platlettes are only at 12,000. Her body is extremely swollen. If they were to do surgery, her blood would not be able to clot. UPDATE: The surgeon said she is not in any condition for surgery...if by any small chance they could get her plateletts up to 50,000 (ideally 100,000) and get her blood pressure stable...he would take that small window and operate. She will not survive without the operation and the risks of the operation are very, very high. UPDATE: I sit here in awe of our Lord!!! The nurses started pumping platelets and BP medication and guess what our God did....He stabilized her BP and her platelets were at 90,000....we are talking from 12,000 to 90,000 in less the 2 hours. She was rushed off to surgery. The surgeon was able to remove the adhesion but her small intestines are in horrible condition. He said they are dying from lack of circulation and because the blockage had been there for so long. The surgeon has left her belly open with the hopes of her intestines getting good circulation and the hope that they will begin to heal. He plans to do surgery again tomorrow at 7:30am to see how her intestines look.

Thursday: She is still very unstable and they can't operate. Her kidneys are beginning to fail and they aren't able to get control of her blood pressure. Surgery is necessary to remove the obstruction but they can't get her stable to survive surgery. My sisters and I have decided to drive to Arizona to be with our family!! We arrived right before visiting hours ended and were able to spend a few minutes with her. My heart is just breaking...she is in so much pain. They have to limit her pain meds. because the meds. could cause her to stop breathing. Guys, she is not doing well...please be praying for wisdom and peace!!

Monday: Calling all prayer warriors! My precious Aunt Lenore is in extreme critical condition. She has been admitted to ICU with an adhesion of scar tissue to her intestines which has caused complete bowel blockage. She is in great pain.