Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No words...

I have been thinking and praying about this post since everything transpired on Monday. I have struggled with finding the words to share about what has happened. So, instead of waiting...instead of finding the perfect words...I'm just going to SHOUT IT OUT....shout out what our Lord has done!

God has done something that I've seen Him do for other families. I would sit back and marvel at the miracle and be blessed beyond comprehension so imagine my amazement when it happened to us on Monday.

I received an email through my Etsy shop on Monday. You know...the monday after I wrote THIS post. A precious mama, whom I've NEVER met, wanted to donate to our adoption fund. She was going to talk with her hubby and then get back to me.

Later that afternoon I received an email from her and it said. "I talked to my husband and we decided to send a $2000 donation to go towards your adoption."

Okay, now I'm crying again...I honestly could not stop shaking for like an hour after I received that email. I was so flooded with the love of our was just the day before that I had a talkin' to from Him about fear and trust. I mean HONESTLY, who gives $2000 to a complete stranger?? Only our Lord!! I have since learned that this beautiful family is also an adoptive family...again, another amazing God thing! My poor hubby..when I called him bawling and he was worried something was wrong! We are both so deeply blessed by this sweet family's example of selfless giving, their open ears to the Lord, their heart for the orphan, and love for God.

So needless to say, our family is in complete awe that God has once again confirmed that this is OUR son and that He IS going to provide and that I don't need to be afraid. Crazy, hun?!?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fast Food FAST for Solomon!

God is honestly doing some amazing, crazy, AWESOME stuff to bring our boy home!!! I can't wait to share about what happened yesterday. I honestly don't have words to articulate it quite, yet, but once I do...I will be ah sharin'!!!!!!

Hey...don't forget that our fabulous JUNK POSSE & SOLOMON BEAD raffle is still happening. Tickets are ONLY $5 each with a chance to earn some freebie entries. Go HERE to check it out!!

Anyone interested in doing a
fast food FAST for Solomon??
How much does a typical fast food meal cost you? I know for our family it's about $25
(which is why we haven't eaten out in who knows how long)!
Would you be willing to give up just ONE fast food meal
this week and help us bring our son home?
Think about it...
would you sacrifice just
ONE meal of convenience
to help a precious boy come home to his FOREVER family
and earn tickets for our raffle???

We would be honored & blessed if you would do this for us!

~If feel led to fast food FAST for Solomon & donate what you would have normally spent on that meal, we'd love to know...please leave us a comment here or when you make your donation through the chip-in and let us know that you are boldly making a stand to help us bring our son home~

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have been wrestling this week...wrestling with my heart, my mind....with my Lord. The realization that we still need to raise $16,000 to get our sweet son home has caused me fear...a fear I kept telling my heart to let go off. It seems I like I try to talk myself out of fear first, then I collapse at God's feet and ask for peace. WHY don't I do this in the first place? I'd save myself a lot of anguish!

You see...when I say that God will have to provide every penny, I mean...EVERY penny!! Our ONLY option is for the Lord to move mightily to bring our son home!!!!!!

We were driving home from my sister's tonight and I heard the Lord speaking to me so clearly. I was thinking about the fact that we could travel in August/September and I got so excited but then that nasty fear thing crept in and said you still have a lloonngg way to go...where is the money going to come's soooo much money...there is no way it will happen.

Me: Lord, I'm so scared...
God: What are you afraid of?
Me: That we won't raise the money...that we will lose our baby boy
God: You aren't the one raising the money...I am!
Me: But I'm so afraid it won't come in time...I love this sweet boy sooo much...I can't imagine my life without him!
God: I have called this little one to be your son...I will provide!!!!

Then an amazing peace filled my heart...a soothing, gentle peace on my heart and mind. Then I kept hearing over and over in my thoughts..."I love him more than you ever have or ever will!"

I just love how God will allow you to wrestle but will be right there to pick you up when you are exhausted. Thank you, Father, for loving me more than I could ever imagine and for guiding my life! I pray for your perfect peace and guidance as we wait to bring our son home!!

There are 2 main reasons I posted this...1. I know I am weak and I need the Lord's constant reminder so this will serve as a reminder to me when I become scared...2. I know of several families in the same wrestling match and I pray this little post will speak to their hearts and that they will relent and receive the peace that the Lord is waiting to flood them with.