Friday, October 07, 2011

65 families wait.....

3 years ago our precious friends, the Kahler's, traveled to Kyrgyzstan to meet their precious son, Asa, for the first time. As they were preparing to make their 2nd trip to bring him home, ALL international adoptions in Kyrgyzstan came to a screeching halt. 65 families were in process of bringing their babes home and the hope of their children coming home was beginning to look impossible. These 65 families continued to wait for glimpse of news...any news...some families received the terrible news that their sweet babes had passed away due to illness...while the others waited and prayed that the officials could come to an agreement and allow their adoptions to proceed. Fast forward 3 very LONG years, these families still wait but God is moving MIGHTILY!!!!!!!!  

One of the waiting families, the Bilyeus, lost their daughter due to complications of hydrocephalus in August 2010. They have chosen, with God's strength, to turn their deep grieving into hope and help for the remaining families. They have partnered with Lifesong for Orphans and Altynai's Legacy Adoption Fund was born. The mission of Altynai's Legacy Adoption fund is to provide financial assistance for the remaining families adoptions.

I am in tears as I write this post...I can't even being to imagine the pain of losing a child that had they been allowed to come home would still be alive. I have watched several of my friends walk this journey and it shakes me to the core.  I am asking sweet, precious friends to please consider a donation to Altynai's her orphanage "brothers" and "sisters" home to their families. Altynai is safe in the arms of her Father...can you please help the other children home to the safety of their forever families?

Please go to the Bilyeus's blog to see how you can help. Read the families blessed, be moved to act! Our friends, the Kahler's, story is here. I had the privilege of getting to know this sweet family as we waited to bring Solomon home. They were in process to bring their son, Ezra, home from China. Our greatest hopes were to travel together but the Lord had other plans and we missed each other by 2 weeks. Their hearts are to serve the Lord and I have been amazed and blessed at how they have endured their journey to Asa...a journey that we pray daily will lead them back to Kyrgyzstan SOON to bring him home.
The Kahler's with Asa on their first visit! Sweet baby boy, we are praying you home soon!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N Lake Tahoe!!

A very generous family, the "D" family, blessed us with (like GAVE us!!!)an incredible vacation to Lake Tahoe. A vacation that we so desperately needed.  A vacation that came during a week, that unbeknownst to us, was going to be a week of attack back at home. The Lord knew it was coming and removed us from it so that we could be refreshed as a family to deal with the yuck we were to come home to.

Once again, I'm amazed at His love and protection for us.

~Our precious time away~ 


We were extremely blessed to end our vacation with a weekend visit of our very precious friends..the "K" family.  The Lord called them to move up north 5 long years ago. We typically get to visit once a year...not enough, that's for sure...oh, how we miss and love them so much! We grew up together, watched the Lord call us to marry our sweeties, and then were blessed to be a part of each of our kiddos births and homecomings. To our sweet friends...thank you for making the long trek up to see us...what beautiful, precious time we had together. We love you so much and miss you desperately!! God has blessed our families with such a gift...a gift that distance can't destroy. It was so beautiful watching our kids pick up right where they left off. We loved watching our new babes play like they have known each other beautiful! KISSES to each of you and can't wait to see you soon!
The beauty of all God has created in our two families...simply amazing!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Some of you may remember this post...the post where my husband hi-jacked my blog and divulged a very serious addiction I have....

Well, it seems my very precious friend, Annette (Kaden's mama), is willingly aiding in my addiction...LOOK...JUST LOOK at what she brought home from China for Jubilee :)

For the China adoptive family, there is something very, very precious about squeaky shoes. I dreamed about our sweet C running around in them. So, when she was finally home...those precious squeaks actually brought me to tears...our little miracle girl finally squeaking around our house. And NOW, another one of our miracle girls will be squeaking before we know it...I have no doubt it will bring back wonderful memories of those first years our baby C was home (of course baby S had some too...just imagine TWO squeaking girls...GORGEOUS music to my ears...memories forever burned in my mind and heart)



Ummm and YAY...I DID just do an entire post on shoes...LOL!!!