Monday, September 06, 2010

Day 3...I think :)

LOL...I'm not sure what day we are on...I'm slightly jetlagged :)

Few things first...PLEASE, please be praying for our kiddos at home.  I guess our 2 babies are having a really hard time!!  We were very worried about leaving Cana and she is struggling greatly!!!

Yes, we did take gotcha video but are unable to load it from the camcorder so that will have to wait until we are home...sorry :)

Oh..we are getting all of your precious comments on facebook but we can't access fb to comment back so know we are reading them and cherishing them!!!  So, feel free to comment here on the blog...we just love reading all of your comments!!!

Solomon continues to amaze us with how well he is doing!  He is such a happy little guy.  He is also a very busy little guy.  He loves to see how EVERYTHING's a whole new world to him and he is enjoying exploring!!!  They tell us that he takes a 2 hour nap everyday but we don't believe it...LOL...he doesn't have time to slow down and rest :)  He is sleeping great at night.  Ohhhh, his precious little's so sweet.  He talks non-stop

And boy oh boy is he a daddy's boy.  He absolutely LOVES Paul.  Mom's pretty coo but he adores his is so beautiful to watch him interact with daddy.  We are so blessed that he is attaching to both of us and I am so excited to see my prayers being answered...I prayed specifically that he would latch on to his daddy :)

He LOVES playing ball...looks like we have another baseball player Papa Jim :) Get you mitt ready!!

We are off to do some sightseeing today.  Here's some more pictures and a little video of our giggly guy..he was watching this video this morning and he couldn't stop laughing and was hilarious! The first picture is my favorite...we just discovered he sucks his thumb when he sleeps :)

Pictures here:
Video here:


Anonymous said...

Simply Precious!! Thanks for taking the time to load up all the pictures and journal so we can follow along! We'll be covering the little ones at home in prayer ♥
Love, the Kovacs' fam

Karen said...

He is adorable. What a happy little boy! Loving the pictures. I'll be praying for your precious ones at home.

Michal said...

Wow! I can't believe what happens when I'm away from my computer for a few days! Already in China and with Solomon...The pictures are priceless and my prayers have been answered abundantly!We'll keep praying for the ones at home as well as your safe travels. Can't wait to meet him!

Erica said...

I'm in love!!! He's so so sweet! What an amazing little guy! He fits PERFECT with the girls! Can't wait to see them together! Love seeing him in Silas' previously loved shorts, he's so tiny!! Love you all, praying for the girls.

Happiness in Numbers said...

The kiddos did great today at Nana and Papa's house. We had a Birthday Cake for Sarah and played outside all afternoon. Your little Cana had a blast and was full of giggles! :D They were very happy to see their other cousins when Aunt Jamie got here. We miss you all so much and are keeping you in our prayers.
David and Erika =D
P.s. Keep the photos coming they are so SWEET!

Rebekah said...

Sooo precious! What a wonderful gift from the Lord!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful series of posts... SO excited for you. Is it just surreal?!? Hope Solomon and Joshua can play real soon... they seem to have that same silly zeal for life! :) Praying for you guys and especially for your little gals at home. I totally remember those days. Peace to each of you!! love, Sarah Hume

trina said...

I'm so happy he's bonding so well and so happy. He's sooo handsome!! Will be praying for the littles at home. I know that feeling. trina

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Dear Stacy,
we have been praying praying praying for your safety and for the Lord to bless your attachment efforts and cause Solomon to transition well into your family! Happy to hear Him answering so mightily. Love you guys. Alida, btw Here is an email from Lois..She thinks you would like this while you are in China!

HI Alida,

If you want to alert the Richards family (in case they are checking email in China), there is a wonderful charity gift store on Sha Mian Island in Guangzhou, China. Many American families stay on Sha MIan during their final step of the adoption process with the US Consulate.
I was sad that I didn’t discover the store until my third trip. The gifts are high quality and I understand that many are made by former orphans There are numerous types of items that make wonderful gifts. I was running out of cash, so I even bought some things on my credit card because I knew people would appreciate them. There is a link to their store below and people can even purchase online. God bless you,Lois
Stacy, here is the number. I included the link to the map. You can their friendly team on 8620-8121-9976

Broken In Love said...

talked to Tr today and she is doing so good! you can totally tell she is just glowing. will be praying for the rest of the babies :)

Jan en Terry said...

What a wonderful journey... it's great to see Solomon so happy. He's ready for adventure! Enjoy!

KO said...

Thank you for sharing.

We are so glad things are going well, and we will pray for your children at home.

Sheri said...

Congratulations!!! Your son is just precious!! Such a happy little guy. You are truly blessed. You have a beautiful family.
Have safe travels,

Kate said...

Congratulations - praying for your family!

Anonymous said...

Wow God is Awesome! At first I wondered how you kids could pull off the finance part when I heard about your plans. But then it was not you it was HIM! Praise God!

I am glad things are going good in China. I am praying for the children and troops back on the home front.

Love Aunt Lenore

Jacob's Dogs said...

What a beautiful little guy! Your comments about him exploring remind me of our trip to our son in 2007 - it is so much fun to watch them as their world just grows larger and larger! Blessings to your family!
Elizabeth W.

Our family: said...

Oh Stacy!! He is soooooo precious! You are one blessed mama! Does he ever stop smiling? It sure doesn't look like it!

I will be praying for your little ones. Again, if I can help in any way.

Love Lydia

Our family: said...

Alright I just watched the video and I had to comment again!! LOVE his smile and laugh. What a sweet little boy!

So happy for all of you!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness, that video is too precious! I had to watch it multiple times just to see him giggle again!!!

We continue to rejoice in the goodness of God through it all. Praying for you three there and the rest of the fam back home!