Thursday, March 18, 2010

Solomon's Raffle

First things first...why are we having this raffle?? Because we are in great need to raise ALL the funds needed to bring our sweet son home. Our precious son who is waiting for us in Fujian, China. An adorable child of God who needs his FOREVER family to love on him, to teach him all about Jesu, to care for him, to get him the medical attention he needs, & to spoil him rotten :p
Okay, here's the's gotten a little crazy. We have ONE Grand Prize (Apple IPAD) and TWELVE additional prizes and ONE GIVEAWAY item. Scroll down to my other posts to read about each of these amazing prizes and about the precious people who have donated them!!!

Here's how the tickets work:
We will hold TWO drawings.
Drawing # One is for the Grand Prize Ipad. Everyone who donates will be entered into that drawing according to how many tickets they purchased.
Drawing # Two will be for the remaining raffle items.
Everyone who donates will ALSO be entered into drawing #2 according to how many tickets they purchased.

1. Buy a raffle ticket for $10 and you get 1 chance to win
2. Buy 4 raffle tickets and get 5...FIVE chances to win
3. Buy 8 raffle tickets and get 10...TEN chances to win (and so on.....)

NOTE: Because we are awaiting a few more donations, we have extended the raffle date to our GOAL of 300 raffle tickets. Once this goal is met we will end the raffle and do the drawing! Best wishes on winning!
How to win a LONG Solomon Bead Necklace:
1. Post a link on your blog about our raffle and get 1 entry towards a necklace
2. Post a link on facebook and get 1 entry towards a necklace
3. If you post a link on both places, you get 2 entries ;)
~you must let me know you've done this though~

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stay Tuned...

I have some fun information about our IPAD WON'T want to miss this!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A must read...

A MUST, MUST, MUST READ!!! I adore this amazing family and this post is simply beautiful...we will not retire until we see Jesus face to face...I love it! Oh yea and we didn't get the memo either!!!!!!