Friday, May 01, 2009

2 Years ago today....

How can it be?  2 Years ago, today...we first learned about our sweet miracle, C.  I will never, ever forget that call!!

We had just resolved, that once again, our referral did not come.   Month after month we were told it was mostly likely coming but it never did.  I had just hung the phone up with my friend from the agency...she had told me that maybe next month it would come.  I was so bummed but hopeful!  That was all I could do...hang onto the hope that C's referral would eventually come.  A couple hours later the phone rang and caller id showed our agency.  My first cruel of my friend to call me back on referral day...didn't we already establish that our referral wasn't coming?

All I remember was my friend, K, saying, "Ummmm, I guess we spoke too soon!"  

I started to panic and my heart dropped to my toes and I said, "What...what are you saying...(as I began to ball)...are you saying it came...did our referral come?"  

K... "It's here...I can't believe it but it's here!!"

Needless to say I was literally speechless and the rest was history :)

Here's a video of when we showed the kids and grandma's Cana's picture for the first time (pause site music)  I lost it when "I" said, "She's happy."  It was so precious!!