Monday, January 04, 2010

Just don't get it!

These are the stats for babies placed for international adoption over the last 5 years from China. I had a feeling that the numbers were declining but it is a lot more drastic than I thought. There are many theories floating around on why the huge decline in referrals...I have my own theories but I think I will keep them to myself. My poor husband has heard enough of my ranting and raving about this.

The bottom-line is there are still WAY too many orphans in China...too many treasures that need their families! BUT China has the right to refer as many babies as they see fit...sadly, they are referring less and less :( BUT even if only one more comes home...that's one less baby that will cry herself to less baby who will wonder 'who will love me?' less baby without hope.

Sooo, I'm going to rejoice that China's IA program is still open and is still allowing these sweet gifts to come home to their forever families! Albeit they are coming home super stupid slow BUT they are STILL COMING HOME and that is a miracle worth praising our Lord for!!!