Thursday, September 08, 2011

11 weeks old...

Little Miss Jubilee had a well baby check up the other day and she is in the 90% for height and 50% for weight...our little string bean :) measuring 11lbs. 9ozs. and 24.5". The ped. said in all his years of practice, he's never seen a 2 month old so strong. She did not want to be messed with and she made that very clear. Whenever he'd come near her with his stethoscope, she'd actually push it away! She did show off by holding her head up like an old pro and scooting forward on her tummy.

Little miss Jubilee continues to amazes us everyday. I could just sit and stare at her all day long. I just love our sweet girlie soooo much!!! How my heart wishes more families would not let fear keep them from experiencing this amazing beauty...the beauty of adoption...the beauty of a miracle many are not seeing the amazing treasures that the Lord has right before them...treasures that they are missing.  The thought that we almost missed THIS...our beautiful babes...brings me to tears. I am so thankful the Lord kept pursuing our hearts...kept showing us that what He had for us was far more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day...1 YEAR ALREADY!

September 5th is an extra special day to celebrate in our family. Today is our precious "S's" birthday AND our sweet Solomon's Gotcha Day! can it already be 1 year since our precious Solomon was placed in our arms.  I will NEVER forget the HUGE smile he had as he came barreling into the conference room...he was dragging the nanny as fast as he could. He ran straight up to us...huge smiles...then the reality of what was about to happen started to sink in and the smile turned in to..."I don't think so!"

We often talk about the incredible journey to so many of YOU helped bring him the Lord radically changed our lives in ways we never knew possible...

Our darling have no idea the depth of our love for you. We are so blessed by thankful you are ours forever.  You are a living example that our God is a miracle performing, mountain moving God.  It has been absolutely beautiful watching you discover the love of a family. You have taught us to never take anything for granted. You have shown incredible bravery and strength as you left everything you've ever known. You are attaching and bonding so deeply...truly a precious gift from the Lord! We love you baby boy...Happy 1 year home!!!

Happy Birthday to our princess..

Yep..another birthday at our household...5 of the kiddos have bday's in a 6 week span and daddy finishes it off next week :) 
To our precious princess...we love you so much and are still in awe of how the Lord brought you to our family. Your story is absolutely incredible and has God's hand prints all over it!  Your beautiful smile and sense of humor bring us so much joy. You have the most gentle, compassionate heart...your spunk is contagious...We love seeing the world through your eyes. Happy Birthday to our miracle girl!!!!