Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are you a Defender or Warrior for the orphan?

This thought came to me one day while I was vacuuming.  I felt the Lord pressing on my heart the direction for our fundraising t-shirts for Jubilee's adoption fees.  Our passion to advocate for the orphan is so fierce that it sometimes feels like we are in a battle for these precious children that have no voice.  The drive to defend them, fight for them can be so overwhelming and extremely URGENT!

As I prayed through the thoughts of defender vs. warrior for the orphan, it became very clear what our roles as advocates and parents are....the daddy is clearly the Warrior for the orphan...fighting to make sure the orphan doesn't become a victim in this fallen world...fighting for the simple justice that we take for granted.  The mama is clearly the Defender...the one who swoops in, scoops up the hurting child to protect them at all costs and to help healing begin.

But then I thought...I can see times where our roles have switched a bit and the mama has to be a warrior, too. I think of our own little Cana and the fight we had to bring her home.  Same goes for the defender...the daddy is the first to jump in the line of fire for these precious protect them at all costs.

I am excited to share with you our newest shirts.  Warrior for the Orphan AND Defender of the Orphan. The proceeds from the sales will go directly to fund our surprise girl's adoption. We have $12,000 in agency fees due and we have an immediate need of $2,000 for the attorney.


Warrior for the Orphan will be offered for both men and women ('cause I LOVE the design ;)

Defender of the Orphan will only be offered in the women's cut ('cause I don't think the boys will dig the frill ;)

Here are some pics...head on over to our SolomonBeads site to order yours! We are offering these as a PRE-SALE...the order will go to the printer on Nov. 9 and will be shipped to you by the end of the month. I do have a few in stock so if you order quick, I may have your size :)


 Men's also has "Warrior" on the will be a little bit larger.