Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More beautiful news!!

I'm in tears as I type this...we just got back from the urologist. Solomon's kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract are all in great condition and functioning beautifully....meaning when he's ready, he will be able to potty train just fine!! This is so unheard of with these sweet treasures...I still can't believe it. We will continue to watch his kidneys closely but all looks great!

Just so humbled that the Lord continues to bless and protect our family in ways I could never imagine.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cincy week 2

We are beginning our second week in Cincinnati and all is going well. We have begin our round of urology testing and are anxious to hear test results later this week. We are still in awe of the news we received last's truly only something our Lord could have done!!!

We have been blessed with some AMAZING visits with some incredible friends!!!
-Thursday we were blessed to visit with the precious family we met while in China...the one's that adopted two 3 year old boys at once...they also have another 3 yr. old son. So needless to say Solomon had a BLAST playing with his buddies and mama absolutely loved seeing Todd and Jane again!!!

-Friday through Sunday...this will have to be a post all by itself once I get home. I am still reeling with emotions. I was given one of the most beautiful gifts...I was united with my very best friend Lisa. We haven't seen each other in 19 years!!! Oh how I've missed her. More to come for sure!!!!

-Sunday afternoon...We had an awesome visit with Teddy's family. They are almost DTC. Teddy and Solomon were buddies in the orphanage!! What a precious, precious family...LOVE them to pieces!!!! We were also able to meet with another Jinjiang mama & daughter. Adelie has been home for 3 years. Her mama brought pictures of Adelie in the old orphanage and guess who I saw in the crib with Adelie??? DALTON!!!! Sweet beautiful little Dalton!!! That means that all the boys where crib and room mates with was such a surreal feeling to see him running around with an orphanage buddy...sooo cool!!!

We are missing our family very much and can't wait to be home..daddy is doing an amazing job!!!