Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A precious vacation

We just got home from a wonderful vacation to San Diego. We had an absolute blast with my sister and her family!! Truly a beautiful time together as a family.

This vacation was extra sweet for me. FLASHBACK to May 2007:: You see in the middle of May last year we went to the same resort for a vacation. We had that vacation planned long before we knew what the future held for our precious C's referral. With extremely sad and heavy hearts, we packed our 4 kiddos in the car and headed to San Diego with the hopes of receiving good news regarding our baby girl. On May 1st, we had received the joyous news that we had been matched with our precious C. On May 15th, we received the devastating news that CCAA had requested her file back because her VSD had apparantly healed and she was no longer considered a sn's child. They wanted her file back so they could refer us a different sn's child. I will share more about this in a few weeks!!!!

FLASHFORWARD:: Words can't even explain the joy I had when (just about one year later) I watched our little miracle step foot on that beach...the very beach that I prayed and wept at over her.

My precious Lord, I am in awe of all you have done for our family! I am so undeserving of your priceless gifts!!


The BEST Big Sissy!!

Our precious Tr. is the best big sissy ever! She absolutely loves her siblings. She is second in line and is the most zealous, adventurous, athletic, and most full-of-life out of this household. Her love for life has taught us to view things in ways never imaginable. She brings so much joy to our lives. She has such a beautiful heart. I am constantly learning knew things from her!!