Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now the "something fun"...SOLOMON BEADS

I am very, very excited to share with you about what this mama & her 3 oldest kiddos have been up to. Daily they will ask me, "Mama, what can we make to help raise money to bring Solomon home?" I didn't have an answer for them so we prayed that the Lord would give us a good idea and guess what...He did!!

Introducing SOLOMON BEADS....

We will be selling these gorgeous necklaces as a FUNDRAISER to help bring Solomon home. Each necklace is HANDMADE by Solomon's mama, big brothers, & big sister!! Each bead is cut, hand-rolled, lacquered, & strung with lots of love while we dream of the day our sweet brother will be home!

LONG NECKLACE: 38" of sheer beauty
$20 each
Choose from vivid colors or neutral colors.
Can be wrapped around your neck once or twice.
Can be wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet.
$17 each
Choose from vivid colors or neutral colors.
Can be wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet.
$15 each
Choose from vivid colors or neutral colors.
Choose from sterling silver spacer beads or colored glass beads.
**Each piece is 100% handmade by Solomon's family...each piece is very original**
**Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. Each piece will be made to order**
**All pieces have 6 layers of shiny protection**
PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD ;) We'd love it if you would share our blog with your family and friends. God is moving mightily to bring our precious son home and we want all to see what He is doing because it's only by our Lord that our baby boy will come home!

Monday, March 08, 2010


Okay...last I checked...I LIVE IN THE CITY!!!!!!!!!!! You know...the city...a place where wild animals DO NOT live...they live in places like NORCO or YUCCA VALLEY...NOT orange county!!!!!! You know, first it was a possum NOW this.....

So my hubby comes running through the house saying, "Where's the camera, where's the camera...quick...I need the camera"...he then dashes outside. I, on the other hand, was on a long distance call with a new friend and figured he was going to take pictures of the kids doing something cute. NOPE....about a minute after he ran outside I smelt a very AWFUL SMELL and all the kids are running in the house holding their noses. A husband managed to scare a skunk enough that it turned around & sprayed at him...why in the world was there a skunk in my backyard...doesn't he know he's suppose to live in the country.

Needless to say the camera did not cooperate so I don't have a picture for you but I will say that my whole house STINKS!!!!!!!!!

(And I'm certain my new friend thinks I'm simply nuts cause I was freaking out about a silly skunk)

Baby Talk

We've had some fun talk about babies around here lately!

Tr: "Mommy when I'm all grown up, I don't want any babies in my tummy...I want to adopt all of them!"

Baby C: "When I'm married and I'm a mommy, can I have a baby in my tummy? Oh, and I'm gonna have a necklace and a bracelet."

Boy, baby talk starts young, doesn't it...they have it all planned out ;)