Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 7 & 8

End of Day 6
While we are enjoying ourselves we are READY TO BE HOME!!!!! We miss our babies at home so much it hurts!!! We love you guys so much and can't wait to scoop each of you up and YES, T...this mama can scoop you up still...just watch me :)

We had quite and adventure getting to Guangzhou. On our last day in Fuzhou, a typhoon decided to arrive. It was headed straight towards Fuzhou with the hardest hit area being Jinjiang (this is Solomon's's about 100 miles away from Fuzhou). We just had rain and some light winds. Our guide told us that Jinjiang was flooded but that they are 'pros' at being prepared for typhoons. Because of the weather flights were cancelled and delayed, including ours. Thankfully ours was only delayed once but I will say that 6 hours in an airport with a very BUSY boy was challenging. Then you put that very BUSY boy on a plane at 10:30pm, you'd think he's fall asleep...NOT A CHANCE...did I say BUSY already???...he had to push every button a zillion times, take his seat belt on and off, look over all the seats, put his tray up and down....he ultimately crashed 10 mins. before the flight landed ;) We made it safe and sound to our hotel...3 rooms later and we were settled in for the night or, was like 2 am!!!

Day 7
Medical Exam day...can I get a HUGE wwaahhh??? This is where all newly adopted kiddos have to go to receive a very basic medical exam before the US will allow them into the country. Since Cana's adoption in '07, OUR US Government has decided that it's a fabulous idea to inoculate all children coming into the US from China. We are NOT talking just 1 or 2 shots...more like SEVEN SHOTS. We are not given the option to wave these shots either!! Paul & I had to hold our precious baby boy down while he received 6 shots and a TB test. One shot in each arm and 2 shots in each leg. Needless to say, our boy was not very happy with daddy but they finally made up this morning & all is good minus his fever!!

On a fun note: We had REAL Chinese food last night. We had to climb 6 flights of stairs but it was worth it! Our guide took us to a little mom & pop place that he called 'homestyle' chinese food. We can't wait to go back!!!!

Day 8
It has been raining pretty much non-stop since we got to Guangzhou which leaves us with not much to do. It's still warm but wet. We've ventured out a few times and have just enjoyed walking around the island. Shaiman island is a wonderful, relaxing environment. Almost all adoptive families stay here and it's fun to meet everyone!! BTW...for those traveling soon, they've moved the adoption dept. of the US Consulate to the island...YAY!!!! It's right outside the White Swan.

We will be meeting some families that I met on-line for dinner tonight. It will be fun to meet all of them and their sweet kiddos.

Love to each of you!!!! Thank you for all of your prayers!


Truly Blessed said...

Oh how I love reading your journey. So sorry about the flight delay -- BTDT - only with TWO busy girls and we were stuck ON THE AIRPLANE instead of in the terminal for like 100 hours! : )

I'm so sorry about the seven shots - that's just plain wrong.

I hadn't heard that the CA appts are now done on island, that makes a whole lotta sense!

Enjoy your final few days in China!

Julie said...

Poor Guy! The medical exam/shots are so miserable. They moved the adoption dept. to the island? We were just there at the beginning of August and it was not that convenient! That is wonderful for all the adoptive families! Enjoy the rest of your time there. You will be home soon!!!!

Monica . . . said...

Yes, my friend was just in China a few weeks ago getting their little girl and had to endure the whole shot process. :(

Can't wait to hear that you guys are safely home!


Our family: said...

So glad you made it safely to Guangzhou!
That is so upsetting about the 7 shots. That is way too much! I am praying that that policy changes.
Can't wait to meet Solomon when you get home!
Love and prayers,

Rebekah said...

That is a lot of shots! Yikes!

If you get a chance, I would love to hear a hotel review/recommendation!

Anita said...

OK...YUCK to the 7 shots...I hope they change it too before next year...we could only hope and pray! And more YUCK to the delay at the airport but glad you were safe during the storm.

LOVE the too hot and spicy pic of you. LOL!! I'd be loosing that food if it were me! HA!

So, ya gotta tell me about the Victory as that's where we're headed too for our stay. :)

And WOOHOOO for the Adoption Dept outside of WS!! How awesome!

Can't wait till you're back home and snuggling with your other sweet ones and they're snuggling with cutie pie Solomon!

Love and Hugs!

Mom Of Many said...

I loved looking at your pictures! What a precious baby boy! His smile is priceless...

**tears** lots of happy tears...

Praying you the rest of the way home! Yippee Jesus!

Happiness in Numbers said...

By far our favorite video is the "Personal Light Show" poor Mommy... We'll be praying for his fever. 7 shots wow!! I just kept thinking poor baby.
We're still thinking of you all.
Take Care,
The Richards Family