Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Lifesong...

Do you have a song that just rocks you to the deepest part of your soul? I think this one is it! I never tire of hearing it, signing it, crying it to my Lord! My GREATEST desire is that my lifesong pleases my Lord! That every action, every word, every heartbeat gives glory to my Father...that I willingly follow His call...that I obey Him in every every thought...with my WHOLE life!!!!!!

~Be praying that precious Zhu's forever family is found
~Help spread the word
~Seriously and boldly pray for his sweet life
~Ask God if maybe YOU are his mama & daddy!!
Just look at those precious eyes and give me 1 reason why you can't help advocate for him? We are talking about advocating for a child to have a family. You just never know who the Lord has called to be his family and you might be the person who God is going to cool would that be??


So Baby C gave us a huge scare yesterday!! She started screaming about her tummy hurting around 1pm and continued to scream so off to the drs. we went!!

Here's how the craziness went down:
~took Cana to her pediatrician...both peds. said it was her appendix & sent us straight to ER
~Both ER drs. said it was her appendix...they ordered blood tests and ct scan just to confirm
~Let's just say she is VERY strong & did NOT like getting IV one bit... surprised the drs. with her strength :)
~They started prepping her for surgery & ordered the operating room as we waited for the test results to come back
~Blood tests came back okay...her white blood cell count were high but at the top of the normal range
~CT scan came back kind of funny...funny in the sense that they couldn't see her appendix
~they say that if it was ready to rupture it would have shown on the ct scan but they "can't rule out the appendix, yet"
~sooo, they sent us home with a very drugged up baby...with everyone scratching their heads as to why she is in so much pain....basically, they still think it could be her appendix but it would be at the beginning stage if sooooo
~we have to go back in 24 hours to re-do her blood tests

She fell asleep groaning in pain and woke up perfectly normal today! She is still guarding her right side but she say nothing hurts. She's eating & playing just fine. So, we'll continue to watch our peanut closely and praise our Lord for healing her body!!
We were so relieved that she didn't need surgery. The last time she was under general, she stopped breathing and they had to perform cpr to revive her...very, very scary!!!!!! God's peace was such a comfort as I rocked my crying baby in ER yesterday. Knowing He was in complete control helped me to remain calm but my heart was breaking with every painful moan.

I started to think about our little Solomon. His sn is a complicated one and we know he will be subject to many yucky, painful tests once he's home and it's highly likely he will need surgery. I am really struggling with how difficult it's going to be on him! Cana has had almost 3 years to bond to us and to trust us completely. Solomon will only be home a short while once all his medical stuff will begin. Oh my sweet boy, we love you so much and are praying for God's healing hand!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Give me a....

Yahoo...we are DTC (our dossier is flying to China)...this is a HUGE, HUGE step closer to our baby boy!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giveaway time...Solomon Beads for Zhu!!!

Here is your chance to get yourself some Solomon Beads and help an orphan find his forever family! We are giving away 2 bracelets and 2 pairs of earrings. So, that's FOUR chances to win Solomon Beads!!!!

My hearts deepest desire is to find sweet Zhu's forever family and I need your help to raise awareness. Here is my post about why this sweet one has caught our heart!

You earn 1 entry for each of the below tasks.
1. Help advocate for Zhu on your blog
2. Advocate for Zhu on your facebook
3. Advocate for Zhu by emailing all of your friends
4. Become a follower of my blog (if you are already a follower, just let me know :)
***Do all 4 for 6, yes...SIX entries!!!
***Leave me a comment telling me which one's you did (include a link if possible) and how many entries you get.

The drawing will be held on Monday, May 3rd at noon (pst). We will use an on-line randomizer to select the winners.