Friday, June 10, 2011

Friends helping...

Look at what my sneaky friend, Erica, is up to.  I didn't even know she was going to do this for us....check it out HERE!!!

They recently came home with their sweet princess, Zahra, and now look at her...hitting the floor running to help other adoptive families get their babes home...I love you friend!!!!
Stop on by and see how they are helping our sweet Jubilee home!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Love it!!!

You guys are so amazing...through you, God has provided a little over $600 for our Jubilee girl...we are in need of $1400 more and it's due today...eecckk...prayer for God's continued financial provision would be a wonderful blessing. Thank you!!!

I woke up imagining her in our arms...longing to see her sweet face.  My heart is heavy for her bmom, "L".  She is about to make one of the most difficult decisions she will ever have to make.  The decision she is making for her baby is one of great love & complete sacrifice. A sacrifice that will forever changer L and a sacrifice that will hurt for a very long time.  Thank you guys for praying for her and our baby girl!!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The year of Jubilee

We have decided on our sweet girl's name.  One of the things that drew "L" to our family was 'how happy we looked'.  She kept saying, "They look so happy...just look at the kids...they are so happy."  There is so much more to share but that will come later.  We immediately knew that our girl's named needed to reflect joy and happiness.

Websters definition of our girl's name is: A time of great rejoicing. A season of great public joy and festivity.

The old testament describes her 'name' as a time of joyful celebration...of the trumpets being sounded!!

Our sweet girl will be named...


and we will use her birthmother's name as her middle name.

Our precious Jubilee, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival and are celebrating that you will soon be in our arms. You are an amazing gift and we can't wait until you are here. The trumpets are sounding...there is great public joy & we are celebrating you. We love you sweet one!

Monday, June 06, 2011

IN SHOCK!!!!!!!!

There are really no other words to completely describe what our family is feeling....we are in absolute shock and excited beyond words!!!

God has decided to bless us with a precious baby girl...YES...we are going to have a new daughter.  We received a phone call from our agency a few days ago regarding a domestic situation that they felt we'd be a good match this time I won't go into any of the detail but baby girl is due in 13 days. We just got home from meeting the precious birthmother and she has chosen our family...she told us to hurry up and pick a name :)  I even got the amazing privilege of feeling our girl move several times!! Our meeting was so wonderful and so comfortable.  We are so thankful for the time we had with her today!!!

We asking for your prayers...that the Lord would be preparing us for our new girl...a newborn...I still can't believe it!!!  That the Lord would continue to comfort this precious bmama as she prepares to make the most difficult choice ever!

Prayers for financial provision would be a blessing, too!  The costs for the adoption will be around $14,500 with $2,500 being an IMMEDIATE need.  Our agency has discounted it as much as possible but we will still have to pay the fees asap.  I am putting a chip-in on the right hand side of the our blog if you feel led to donate. Wow...I can't believe this...I will be honest...the thought of trying to fundraise again is very daunting but I know the amazing blessing of the journey, too.  Funny thing is we need $14,500 in less than 2 weeks..ahhh!!!

We have a baby girl on the way...I can't believe it!!!! Thank you, Lord for this amazing surprise!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dedication and Promotion

Today was a beautiful day of celebration.  

Celebration of our sweet miracle boy...the sweet boy the Lord perfectly chose for our family...the sweet boy that God miraculous provided for...our precious Solomon! Even though we dedicated you to the Lord long before you came home to us, today we stood before our family and friends...before our Maker and publicly dedicated your life to the Lord.  Our promise is to raise you in the ways of the help you grow in your knowledge of Him.  Our greatest hopes and dreams for you are that you come to know the Lord personally at a young age and that you will choose to live your life fully and solely for Him.  God has great, glorious plans for you sweet one! We love you so much!

Solomon was absolutely hysterical today...we all walked up to the front of the church and he was smiling HUGE as if to say, "Look at me...are you all here for me...that's's all about me!" The entire church was laughing...he was soooo precious!

We wanted so badly for daddy to hold him during the dedication but with the chaos of getting our brood up on the stage, somehow I ended up with him.

Today was also another day of celebration but for our big boy!  {tears} Our big, baby boy has officially promoted OUT of elementary school and INTO high school...{WWAAHH} How in the world is this possible?  Our precious boy is becoming a young man! 

Timothy, we are so incredibly proud of you...proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Your compassionate heart for your siblings is amazing and we are certain the Lord is going to use your loving heart mightily.  These next 4 years are a huge part of what shapes you into the man you will become. Continue to keep your eyes focused on the Lord. Seek Him in ALL you do and He WILL guide your every footstep. We love you so much and are very proud that you are our son!

 Daddy reading his beautiful thoughts, encouragement, prayers, and hopes to our son.  

 Proud Papa and Grammy (my parents with Timothy) so bummed missed getting pictures with everyone else...