Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are almost half way....

Can you believe that Chip-In??? $1295 plus the kids $58....CRAZY!!!!!! I am honestly without words (I know...hard to believe!). We are getting so close to our initial phase goal of $3,000.

There is still time to buy your $10 tickets to win an Ipod Touch and still time to spread the news to have a chance at winning an Ipod Shuffle. All the details are below...

God is moving...He is moving to bring our baby home!

Friday, January 29, 2010

O Ye of little faith

I just kept hearing this over and over in my head yesterday. O ye of little faith, why are you so timid, what are you worrying about???

Having to fundraise for our entire adoption expenses is something new to us & at times it is very awkward & difficult to accept the precious gifts given to us. I know God has called us to adopt our sweet Solomon but my little-faith-self can't let go of the fact that we have a lot of money to raise & it scares me that we won't be able to do it. Then that voice....O YE OF LITTLE FAITH!!!!

Then to make things worse ;) God decides to bless us with $475 from our blitz & that's just from the first day. And I sit here ashamed that I wasn't trusting Him. Father, you love this precious boy more then we ever will provide a way for Him to come home. Thank you for loving me and blessing me even when I am not completely trusting in You!!!

Soooo, you guys are amazing....We have raised $825 ($475 from the Ipod blitz)....I am amazed at your love for our family. We have $2525 to go to our initial goal...Wooohooo!!! Stand back and watch the Lord move :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BLITZ time baby!!!

Wanna win an IPOD TOUCH or IPOD SHUFFLE?? It’s BLITZ time!!! You can win by simply donating $10 or spreading the word on your blog or facebook!! OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE THE INITIAL $3000!!

For the next 7 days we are challenging you to HELP us bring Solomon home by raising awareness & spreading the word about our BLITZ event. Oh, did I mention we are GIVING away an IPOD TOUCH & an IPOD SHUFFLE?!?!

To win the IPOD TOUCH: For EVERY $10 you donate to Solomon’s adoption, you will receive one entry in the Giveway. You will be emailed a giveaway number for each $10 you donate through the Chip-in on our blog. If you want to mail a donation, please email us & we’ll give you our address.

To win the IPOD SHUFFLE:
1. Post a blog entry on your blog about our giveaway & you'll receive one entry
2. Change your wall status on facebook with a link to our event
3. If you do both, then you will receive TWO entries in the shuffle giveaway. IMPORTANT: You must post a comment on Solomon's Facebook group with a link to your facebook or blog entry.

***We will hold the drawing on Wednesday, February 3rd at 10:00pm (pst). It will be done the old fashion way…we will put all the entries name/number in a jar and pull from the jar. We will video the drawing and post it on our blog.***

Oh yeah…we will give away one 8gb IPOD Touch for EVERY $2000 we receive in donations so SPREAD THE WORD and skies the limit J

A BLITZ is coming...

are you ready to watch the Lord move??? More info. in a little bit :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One PROUD Mama and

one AWESOME big brother! I sit here with a very full heart. I put a glass jar on top of our hutch in the dining room...our Solomon jar. I walked into the room to see a wad of money in it...I went searching for my oldest and asked him if he put his money in our Solomon jar? (he's the only with money around here LOL) He said, "Yes, I want to help bring Solomon home, mom." Let me just tell you he had been saving that $52 for a while now with the hopes of buying a laptop. My heart is blessed beyond words...he LOVES his brothers and sisters so much!
He's really good at putting them to sleep, too :)

Big sister heard what he did & said, "You put ALLLL your money in there...AWESOME...I want to do that, too!" She ran as fast as she could down the hall to get her money and put it in the jar.

Oh, how I love these kids of mine!

Coming up for air....

(Buried under paperwork...our homestudy paperwork)

I can't believe we already have $350 towards our first fees. WootWoot! You guys are AMAZING!!! The total amount can seem a bit overwhelming at times but we are confident God is calling us to adopt our sweet Solomon and are super excited to watch Him move the mountains!!

Coming up for air....
I have been completely buried under paperwork for our homestudy and dossier. You'd think by our 5th adoption I could zip through this a lot quicker but I've been working my tail off and have everything collected but our medicals which will be done early next week. Why the hurry???? Because every day matters...every day that goes by without our homestudy or dossier done is another day that Solomon has to wait. It has actually been a lot of fun (except when I couldn't find P's birth certificate or our marriage license ;) This is the only part of the wait I can effect so we are just about done with the 'hurry up' phase and will be in the agonizing 'wait' phase.

Our timeline....
Prayerfully we will have PA seems like our wait to travel will be around 7-9 months. We could be back in China in July like last time...that would be so cool...especially because his 4th birthday is in July...praying for July or sooner :)