Monday, March 10, 2008

My Kids....Please Pray ~ part 2

I have to share a sweet story. As I was reading about the update on these kiddos (BELOW), my 2 older ones were in the room and they saw my tears and asked what was wrong. I told them and then I said, "Hey, you guys want a 6yr. old brother?" (you see, this little guy so deeply touched my heart when I first learned about him and to see he still needed his family just tore my heart...of course the 10yr. is an absolute doll but I know we could never adopt older than T). Anyways, both of them yelled, "YES!!!" And this is how the rest of the conversation went:

T: I get to go to China this time!
Tr: HEEEYYY, I get to go, too!!!
T: Nope, just me,
Tr: That's not fair, I'm going!
Mom: Wait a minute....(they would not let me get a word)
T: Wait, I bet he only speaks Chinese
Tr: Ooohh, we better hurry up and learn Chinese
Mom: one is going to China!!!
T: That's not fair that only you and daddy get to go
Mom: NO ONE is going to China....we need to pray for these children and ask the Lord to bring their families. but we are not going to China.

They both looked at me so disappointed. My heart was soooooo blessed that they didn't even hesitate about bringing this little one home....they were already on the plane to go get him!!! I LOVE IT!!!!



A few months ago I was privileged to help spread the word about some precious children that needed their forever families. I was sooo excited when I heard the news that their families had found them.

Well, I just received the very sad news that 2 of the families did not meet China's qualifications and were just told they could not adopt these precious children (mind you these families had been waiting and dreaming about 'their' child for a couple months as they waited for Pre-Approval from China). I bawled as I read this news. I am asking that you guys please pray for these sweet babies and please, please pass this information to anyone that might be interested in these kiddos.

The agency that has their files believe they don't have much time to place these children. My biggest fear is that this is their last chance. A child's file is only sent 'out' so many times before they are considered un-adoptable. I can't even imagine that....oh, it just breaks my heart!

Here is some information about these sweet kids...a 10 yr. old girl and a 6 yr. old boy. I have pictures of these sweeties for those who are interested.

Girl : was abandoned on December 1997. She was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip, but she had a surgical repair for her cleft palate and lip and seems to have recovered well.

Boy : was admitted on May 2001. His DOB was estimated to be April 2001. He was diagnosed with albinism.

I have pictures of these beautful, beautiful children and more detailed information regarding them that I can share.

His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave him great pleasure. Ephesians 1:5