Saturday, October 30, 2010

Only OUR God!!

The LATEST!! I wish I could share all that has transpired over the last 2 weeks...maybe in time I will be able to...I just can't put adequate words to it, yet. God is moving in mighty, mighty ways for Solomon's orphanage "brothers". The latest....TWO...did ya hear me...TWO of his buddies have forever families. I never dreamed that when God called us on the journey to our miracle boy that he would use him to help bring his "brothers" home to their forever families.

We are beyond excited that Kaden will be coming home to an absolutely precious family that loves the Lord deeply and want only to be in God's perfect will. A family with brother's that are beyond excited about their new brother. Check this out...these sweet boys just knew that the Lord would call their family to adopt so they've been secretly saving all of their money to help pay for an adoption...they have saved over $300!! Kaden will be coming home to a family that loves him sooo much and the most beautiful part of the story is that they are very sweet friends of ours and live near. I still can't believe our boys will grow up together. This absolutely takes my breath away...I CAN'T wait until they are reunited...I simply can't wait!!!!!! Can you imagine...I'm already in tears!!

Little precious Parker has a family...a beautiful, godly family with a big sister, big brother, a mama & daddy who love him so much! Although they live in a different state, we will be able to stay in contact and watch sweet Parker grow up...THAT is truly a precious gift!

NOW...BUT NOW is the time to HELP our DALTON HOME!! He CAN'T be left behind...he just can't!!! My heart is hopeful that his family will be found soon! Oh to hold this sweet one again!!! He is absolutely wonderful...a wonderful little one created by our Father...perfectly in HIS image!!!!
Here is sweet Dalton!
I still need my family...Is it you??
Please email me if you want to know more about "our" sweet Dalton.
Oh my goodness...he looks so much like Solomon in these pictures!!!
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