Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazing Fingerprints & Portrait Jewelry

Have you ever seen a bracelet that was made with your child's fingerprints....or a charm where two of your kiddos fingerprints form a about a pendant where your babies faces are etched with raised detail?

Guess what...I have and they are WONDERFUL!!! So wonderful that I'm going to have a party so that you guys can all see these beautiful pieces and have a chance to buy them yourself. The beauty of this party is that 15% of all sales go directly to helping Christian's orphanage.

**Here's the pictures and I'll give the details of the party at the end of the pictures**
Imagine your sweet babies fingerprints on the links of this bracelet...It's BEAUTIFUL!!

The hearts are made of two fingerprint's together. Could be Daddy & Mommy's then the siblings...the possibilities are endless.

Peas in a Pod...How cute is that?!?!?!

Cheryl's beautiful children forever etched in this adorable charm.

Little Lauren's footprint and actual signature shrunk down to fit on this charm.

Okay, now that you've seen a small part of Cheryl's collection. Here's the scoop....Cheryl with CC Creations, in Murrieta, will be coming to my house on April 8 at 11:00am-??? We are doing the party in an open house style so come when you can and bring your kiddos. She will be able to take their fingerprints, etc. that day. These pieces are sterling is available, too.

Be thinking MOTHER'S DAY...what Grandma wouldn't want her grandbabies itty-bitty fingerprints on a bracelet or pendant (Paul's buying me a fingerprint bracelet for Mother's Day...hehehe)!!! And FATHER'S perfect would a key chain with Daddy's or Papa's kids etched in it.

But the best part is 15% of all sales from the party go straight to supplies for Christian's orphanage. Don & Michelle will be leaving very, very soon to bring him home and they will be able to buy items needed for his orphanage while in China. Cheryl has so generously offered to help and I am so blessed by her precious heart.