Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lawyer fees funded!!!

I stand amazed yet I wonder WHY in the world am I so amazed??? God has never let us down...never failed to show up...never failed to have everything all figured out....where I fail continually...fall short always...try to figure it out all on my own....He is forever faithful...always providing...NEVER abandoning!!!

Our Mighty God has once again provided for our family in a miraculous way. A precious family...a family who's passion is to care for the orphan...has just donated $1500 to fund...FULLY FUND...Jubilee's finalization fee's. knocks me over every time...every time the Lord clearly tells us He will provide...many times I doubt...I'm fearful...but He ALWAYS fulfills His promises even in my sinful doubt.

Lord, I find myself so unworthy all of the time yet you love care for never leave me. Thank you for your incredible provision! Thank you for continually showing yourself to me. Thank you for the journey's you have chosen for our family. I give YOU all the glory and honor for all you have done and will do. None of these blessings are because of us but completely because of you.
Now all we need is our court date...should scheduled be any day now!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shirt clearance...don't miss out!

We are so close to the fees we need for the lawyer...we are about a month away from finalizing our sweet girl's adoption and we will have to delay the court hearing if we can't pay the final lawyer fees....obviously not something we want to do.

I'm clearancing out our stock of Defender/Warrior HERE to see what we have left...

ALL shirts are now reduced to $15 SHIPPED :)
Hurry before they are all gone!!