Sunday, November 13, 2011


Christmas Frenzy is for EVERYONE!!!
You will fit in one of two categories....
1. Fundraising family
2. Supporting family :)'s how it works. All of us LOVE to give Christmas gifts EVEN when times are financially tough. Having just finished the fundraising journey, I keep thinking how can we help other families?!?! Soooo, here's my idea.

~You must be in the process of adopting or recently home. You must be using the funds from your items to directly fund your adoption costs.!
~You are selling an item to help raise funds to bring your child home. (no raffles,'s okay if you are currently running a raffle BUT you MUST be selling fundraising items too, like shirts, etc...that is what you need to be linking to)
~If someone is giving your family part of the proceeds for items, like Scentsy, jewelry, THAT WORKS, TOO :)
~You need to post on your blog and/or facebook about our Christmas Frenzy and link back to my blog. This is CRUCIAL...the more awareness we raise the more supporting families we will have.
~Please make sure you create a NEW blog post regarding the Christmas Frenzy...don't link to an old post. BUT don't forget to highlight what YOU are SELLING in that post :)
~I would love for you to become a follower of my blog...just cause I wanna know who my friends are :)
~Add your blog LINK to the BELOW Linky tool (at the bottom of this post)
~Fun idea for fundraising guys can swap items and then have some fabulous items to do a raffle.

~Make your Christmas list and try to support as many families as you can by purchasing their fundraising items as gift. (click on the below links to see the families)
~Please help spread the word for these families!!! Blog, facebook, tweet, and link back to my blog!!!

Fundraising for Jubilee and Christmas Frenzy

It's Christmas Frenzy time!!!!

We are only a couple months away from finalizing our adoption of our surprise girl, Jubilee. Her surprise story is HERE!  Because she was a complete surprise, we are needing to fundraise her adoption fees.  A daunting task since we had just finished fundraising to bring our son, Solomon, home from China. But as daunting as it is, it's all worth it!!!

We recently launched our T-Shirts for Jubilee. You have got to read the amazing God story behind!

We are also continuing to make our Solomon Beads and the new purpose is for our Jubilee girl. We will be listing new items weekly and are currently taking custom orders.

To order you Defender and Warrior shirts...
To order your Solomon Beads....

Bad Dream!!!

I'm sitting here "S" just woke up...

S: Mom, I had a really bad dream in my head and now I feel like I'm going to throw up!
Mom: I'm so sorry baby, what was your dream?
S: That I didn't have family. sweet girl...she is only 5, adopted at birth. I can't even put adequate words to how this makes me feel. Oh, I tell you...our kids so get this...they so completely understand the ache of the children without a family!  Deep breath mama...she has rocked my world this morning with those words...they are echoing in my head over and over!

Beautiful girl, God is going to use you mightily to help the orphan!!!