Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day 4 - Trip to the orphanage

We received the most amazing gift today...the gift of being able to visit Solomon's orphanage. He has lived with these children and nannies since he was found shortly after birth. For whatever reason, we were given permission to visit...not many families are given this gift. The entire staff was WONDERFUL! They were so friendly and welcoming!! The director has an amazing heart for these kiddos and was soooo kind to us. She showed us where he slept, introduced us to his room mates, allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted, AND specifically allowed us to meet our friends precious little girl, Emma. They should be traveling soon to bring her home.

It was an emotional trip for all of us!!! We had our guide tell Solomon several times that he was not going to stay there and that we were just visiting. He was nervous but did okay until his room nanny took him out of my arms and took his to his bedroom. As his little buddies were hugging him, he began to cry and reach for me...of course I swooped him up and held onto him tightly...made this mama cry, too!! They kept asking him if he wanted to stay and take a nap..let's just say that did NOT make him happy.

Solomon had 3 best friends...with Zhu being his very best friend (the little guy that we've been trying to find a family for). As soon as we walked into the room, Zhu was squealing and hugging was so precious. Broke my heart at the same time!! His 2 other buddies followed us all through the orphanage saying they wanted a mama, too. UUGGHH, talk about heart wrenching!!!!!!!!!! They are all precious, precious, precious!!!

We had a sweet time with the orphanage director at lunch. She wanted to take us to lunch and spend time getting to know was a very special time!! She is a very neat lady! She took us to see the outside of the old orphanage and showed us a store where a former orphan now owns the store. The orphanage gave him his store and money to start his shop...amazing!! We also learned that one of Solomon's teachers that we met at the orphanage was actually the director's daughter that she adopted many years ago. How cool is that!!!

They kept asking Solomon several questions..."Do you want to take a nap in your bed?" "Do you want to stay here?" "Do you want to eat here with us?" and he would shake his head very seriously NOOOO. They would all giggle and say, "He was with us for 4 years and only with you for 4 days and he chooses you..."

It was a very long day but we believe it was a wonderful day for closure and a wonderful opportunity for us to see where our boy has lived his entire life and meet the people who have cared for him.

We are still in awe and blessed at all the Lord is doing and has already is very hard to articulate how full our hearts are...all Glory to our amazing God!!! Our sweet boy is truly a miracle and gift from our Father!!!



Emma Kate's family said...

I'm wondering how many times I'll write, "Oh, Stacy!" in the next weeks. :)

Oh, Stacy and Paul! How faithfully the Lord answered prayers for your day. For Solomon, for the three of you, and for Emma and us.

I read your post aloud to Jim and only made it to Emma's name before the tears were falling. He had to complete the post, and when you described Solomon's dear sweet friends asking for a Mama, too, I made the same sound that you wrote after that. :) Oh, how heartbreaking and hard. We still stand with you praying for Zhu- for a family.

Thank you for loving on Emma for us, and standing in the gap in that way. We are so grateful, and see how God sent you ahead. It gives my heart such rest this morning, to remember in this way His faithfulness and lovingkindness. I'm struggling to find the right words to share how full my heart is with the knowledge that you have seen her and "know" her. I believe this is part of God's provision for Sweet Emma, too. Part of Him connecting her now to us, and beginning the attachment even from afar. Oh, Stacy (see!). Thank you, both of you. Our cup overflows this morning. You are God's hands and feet to us today. We are filled with joy because of you! THANK YOU!

I can't wait to talk and hear more when you are home. What a blessing.

Hugs and love to Solomon. What the ayis didn't know is that the Lord has been connecting your hearts as family for months! Your little one knows in the heart and head way that you are his Mama and Daddy. The epignosis (head and heart knowing), not just the gnosis (head understanding).
Thank you, Lord!

Love from here to there and back again!
Sara and Jim and all the rest of Emma's family.

Josh, Candace and Cole said...

Solomon is sooo precious! Made me tear up when I read how worried he was to visit the orphanage. He loves you guys so much, how awesome!! Praying the rest of your trip goes well!

Erica said...

AMAZING!!! Truly amazing! The pictures are awesome!! I also want to know what Sling you have. :)

Suzette said...

I just completed looking at your photos. What a joy and blessing to see his orphanage and prior life and the joy of seeing how he is bonding with you. Brings tears to my eyes thinking of how many more need to know that love! Thanks for sharing and praying you are continually blessed as your travel and bond.

Our family: said...

Wow! What an amazing day! Our visit to Maylie's orphanage was almost the same. Everyone was very friendly. But as soon as we walked in the facility one of the nannies grabbed Maylie out of my arms and whisked her away. It was a bit chaotic. There were children laughing and jumping with excitement to see Maylie, foreigners, and the candy we brought. Maylie was in tears. I was a just a little bit freaking out! I made a bee line over to Maylie and scooped her back up.The nannies were just excited to see her and I'm sure they didn't realize how much it upset Maylie. When we toured her old bedroom with all the cribs, the director picked up Maylie and put her in her crib. She was not happy. Then she realized it was just for photos and she wouldn't have to stay. Again, I picked her up out of that crib as soon as I could.
How wonderful that you got to have lunch with the director! I love the story about the adopted nanny!
It's so awesome to see how God has prepared Solomon for your family. I love that he is already so attached to you and Paul!
God bless you!
Lydia & family

Talley Images said...

I am just crying as I read all these updates... Solomon is just precious and Im so glad that yall are finally able to get him and the transition seems to be going so well!

Anonymous said...

Love checking this every day... thanks for all the sweet pictures and details of the day. SPecial and important memories! I'm sure your heart is full! Glad to see your little mister is attaching so beautifully. God is GOOD! love, The Humes

Truly Blessed said...

I love that you were able to visit the SWI -- what a blessing for you to be able to see the place and meet the people who took such good care of Solomon while he was apart from you.

I understand the nannies wanting to take the children out of their new parent's arms, but I wish they would curb their impulses! Poor babies, I doubt they understand how traumatic the post-adoption SWI visit is for these kiddos.

All in all though, things look "good" there, and I'm sure you have some peace of mind about the place. But boy oh boy, how cool is it when he gets HOME and meets his brothers and sisters and realizes that you're his family FOREVER!!!

I also have such a lump in my throat for the friends he left behind. If only I could do it again and bring a few more kids into our family. I just don't think it's possible or that I have the energy anymore. Seven is enough!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Have a wonderful time! So glad things are going so well!

mom to Sofia age 5

GayleK said...

Oh, how I loved reading about your visit to the orphanage!!! It reinforces everything I've felt about the director and staff in Jinjiang. The story about how they helped one orphan set up a store is just awesome.

Glad to hear Solomon is doing so well -- he's precious!!!

I left my then-3yo from China when I traveled to adopt her little sister (9 mos old). I don't know if it will help your little ones, but I'm happy to share some of the things I did. If talking on the phone caused distress, I didn't talk to her. When I did, I tried to do it only at night China time (morning her time) because that was her happiest time of day (bedtime was too hard!). I also downplayed the baby - "Yes, your little sister is here, but I want to hear about what you've been doing!" I also left her with a photo of me, which she slept with, and a paper chain with one link for each day I was gone. She took off a link each day, and she knew when it was done, I would be home. At 3, it helped her grasp the idea of time somewhat.

I'm praying for your kiddos at home and for you in China. I hope the rest of your journey goes quickly and smoothly!!!

God bless,

Mom to a daughter from Jinjiang, Fujian (now 9!) and a daughter from Yiyang, Jiangxi (7)

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Beautiful to see the Father at work! BTW the video of Solomon and Paul was just the most precious sight I have ever been blessed to behold! Adoption is so wonderful, redemptive and beautiful! Praying for you. Love , the Rodriguez Family

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

OHGoodness, Stacy, I am so sorry, I totally forgot to give you our carrier! You look beautiful in the sling though. SOOOOO SOOO SORRY! It must be so hard carrying him all over! Forgive me please. I am so embarrassed.

Papa & Nana said...

Love the pictures and the stories we read them over and over and look at the pictures again and again. We can't wait to see all three of you. So blessed that God is in charge of all things He has shown us such great love and compassion. Solomon is such a precious addition to the family we are already in love, and Papa can't wait to play ball with him. Kids are doing great, Jamie is an amazing auntie. We are leaving for Alaska in the morning and will see you on the 17th.
Hugs and Kisses,
Papa & Nana

Jennifer said...

Praising God with you! What a precious little boy. So glad you have him--he has you!

Rebekah said...

How amazing. . . . .what an incredible blessing.

Anita said... I'll start it again...Oh Stacy! Goodness what precious words in all of your posts and precious pics of Solomon of the Lord's unfailing love and provision for you to bring him home and for his care while you waited. Thank you for sharing your journey of faith with us and all that the Lord is doing and has done to accomplish the journey set before you and Paul.

Solomon is just the sweetest little guy!! And I couldn't wait to tell you that we received PA today for Kaleb!! So wish we could get our families together one day....maybe on our way home from China next year! :)

Hugs to you, Paul and Solomon and praying for your sweet ones at home! Love ya friend!