Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sisters and their mama!!!

Oh, the true joy of having sisters. Never could I have ever dreamed of having such an amazing relationship with my sisters. We have always been close but the beauty of our friendship since we've become adults is amazing! Ohhh, the fun we have...they are too much!!

And then there is our mama...our beautiful, precious mom! She is amazing...who would have thought you could be best friends with your mom! She is the first one to listen, cry with me, laugh with me, and support me. She is always ready to give her mama advice but is very respectful of my thoughts. She is a phenomenal grandma to her grandbabies (our papa isn't too bad either but that's another post for another day...today it's about the girls :).

The bond that the 4 of us have is very deep and unshakable. I love these girls so much and my life would not be complete without them. They inspire me to be a better mother and wife...they are my safe place (outside of my Jesus & my hubby). I love you guys so much...you are a precious gift, a beautiful treasure!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do this...

So, a couple of months ago we were taking one of our agency classes for our homestudy and we did this fabulous exercise. Now, we've taken this class before and we've done this same exercise but this was before baby C was home. Let's just say I was very emotional doing it this time...I was relating it to baby C and our sweet Solomon.

Here's what you do:

1st- Make a list of the 10 MOST important things in your life (in any order).
(scroll down to see what you do next)

There has just been a disaster and you LOSE HALF of the things on your list....cross FIVE things off of your list.
~As you are crossing those things off, what are your emotions as you 'lose' those important things?? What are your thoughts...hmmm, okay...I could live without this or that....could I live without this person or that freedom? I mean, who needs clothes anyways?? :)

(scroll down to see what you do next)

OH NO, there has been huge disaster and you have lost EVERYTHING but ONE thing on your list....cross ALL but ONE item off of your list.
~At this point, I am crossing off the most precious things in my life...my husband, my children, my family and I am trying so hard not to completely lose it in the class. I have been hit at my very core realizing/remembering this is what our baby girl lost and this is what our baby boy is about to lose! This wasn't an exercise for her...this was REALITY! This will be my son's reality very soon. This reality is something they will live with for the rest of their lives! It's a necessary reality for them to come home to their forever family but it just devastates my heart!

Our instructor told us then to crumple our paper & throw it away because we have now lost everything. She then carries on with talking about the loss our children experience from the moment they become orphans. Well, my #1 left on my sheet was God and NO ONE can take my God away from me! But you get the point of the exercise.

I don't know about you but I find this exercise very powerful and a fabulous thing to share with your family.