Thursday, September 01, 2011

Blanket WINNER

How I wish I could have given each of you one of these incredible blankie's! Many times I was in tears as I read who you'd give the blanket to.  I encourage you to check out DreamCatcher's website and purchase a blanket for the sweet one each of you mentioned....even if you start out with a lap blanket (That's what our sweet girl has and it's a pretty big size for a smaller child).

I used to generate the winner............After praying over each of your families...after praying over who the Lord wanted to win the blanket...I clicked 'generate'..........

 and the winner is....................

Your posts have been wonderful to read. My daughter has SPD. She has always slept with about seven different baby blankets piled on her at night at her insistence. She wears a weighted vest sometimes at school and during OT/PT. I wonder if the blanket would give her peaceful sleep?
Thanks again for posting about SPD. I wish my agency would have educated us on the subject before we brought her home!

Julia, I pray your sweet daughter enjoys her new blanket and that it will bring her peace at night when she sleeps. I know for our sweet girl, it has helped immensely at night. Congratulations! If you could pls. leave me your email address in the comment section of this post, I will let ya know how to order your blanket.

Thank you, again, to DreamCatcher's and their amazing generosity!!