Friday, January 16, 2009

Too precious...

You guys are too precious! Truly...we are so BLESSED by each of your prayers! God is completely faithful and we trust in His perfect plan for our lives. He is hearing and answering the prayers for peace.

We met with our family dr. on Tuesday. He, along with all the other medical professionals God has brought in our paths this week, are blown away by two things....1. He's so young for this, 2. It was an absolute miracle that this was found. Isn't it cool that we have a God of miracles!!

P and I feel heavy hearted that God has allowed this for many reasons but one being that someone we know needs to have a colonoscopy...someone who has been putting this off. We have no idea who that person is. Please...if you or someone you know has been avoiding this test...GO GET IT DONE!!! P's experience was great...honestly, he didn't even cringe at the thought of having to do this again in a year. Don't wait!!!!

P has been networking and sending his resume out so prayerfully we will hear something soon. Please continue to pray for God's wisdom and provision.

Love you guys {{{{HUGS}}}}

How could we not trust God ... Look at these miracles ... each of them have an AMAZING, AMAZING God story ... stories that remind us that:

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Yahoo...HE'S got our future all figured out...I have NOTHING to worry about!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Update and prayers still needed

I was trying to decide if I should give you the short version or the long version. If I give you the short version then you will miss what God is doing. How about I give you both....

Short Version:
~P's biopsy results: it was precancerous but they are reassuring us that they got all of it
~More unexpected news: 30mins. before the drs. call, P called to tell me that he was just laid-off :( ~his company has been struggling since the real estate market dove~

Long Story (you have to read this ;) :
This is an email I sent a friend the other day regarding P's testing:
My precious hubby went to the hospital for a colonoscopy this morning. He's been having some intenstional discomfort so the GI specialist wanted to check and see what's going on.

My heart skipped a beat when the doctor said, "Oh good, I was waiting for you...I need both of you to hear my findings..." (I'm thinking 'WHAT FINDINGS...he's only 35...there can't be any FINDINGS'. She went on to show us pictures of P's scope (pretty fascinating, btw). They did find the beginnings of diverticulosis (not a surprise) but she also found 2 being "very large". She was very shocked by this and said if they had not found it, it would have for sure developed into cancer. As it is, she said it may have already sooooo now we wait for the biopsy results...they will be in within the week.

Several times she would say that we were "lucky" and "what a coincidence" that he was having intestinal pain. If he had not had that discomfort, they would have never found the polyps & there wouldn't have been a need to do the colonoscopy.. She kept saying he was way too young to even be having this test and was so surprised by all of this.

I soooo desperately wanted to say it wasn't "luck" or "coincidence". I wanted to share with her that it was ALL our Lord. Unfortunately, I didn't want to de-rail her report...I wanted to hear everything she had to say. So, she will be hearing all about our God at our next appt. ;)

Today's update...I called the GI drs. office and they said the soonest appt. they had was in 2 weeks. I calmly said, "2've got to be kidding. Dr. B just told us on Friday that my 35yr. old husband possibly has cancer and she's never seen anything like this on someone so young and you're saying she can't see us for 2 weeks?" Needless to say I was very grumpy about this. I decided to call our wonderful family physician. His office had just received the report with biopsy results. They called me back within 30mins. to confirm that the polyps were indeed precancerous but they are confident it was all removed. We hope to meet with him tomorrow and ask a zillion questions. So, this is still all unfolding!

Now P's job: It's a long story and I won't bore you with the details. P works/worked for a company that heavily relies on the real estate market for business. Since the market has dive-bombed, so has their business. 2008 has been a hard year for many at the company....lots and lots of lay-offs. We knew it was a matter of time since they recently filed bankruptcy but we thought we had a little bit longer. A few days before Christmas we were told he would be taking a 36% pay-cut (YES, 36%). That was a little hard to swallow but hey, at least he still had a job. Well, that bombshell was dropped job effective immediately.

How are we doing? We are still processing all of this but we do have peace. God is our provider and He has a beautiful plan. He has been so faithful to guide and protect us and He's not going to stop now. We have complete trust that His plans are much greater than we can even know and we are kind of excited to see what He's going to do.

Prayer Requests: Continued peace, complete healing, new job ;), God led guidance and wisdom

***Thank you so much for your precious prayers and comments letting us know you are praying. It brings great joy to our hearts! I am often amazed at how our little blogs and yahoo groups can unite families from all over the world and beautiful friendship form. Soooo COOL! {{{HUGS}}}