Tuesday, July 13, 2010

His children....

Caring for and loving on His child is what we've been privileged to do since last Tuesday until July 22nd (all children are His children but especially the fatherless!). We have been given the awesome opportunity to host a precious 9 yr. old boy from Asia.

Every summer our agency hosts children from Russia and Asia with the hopes of finding their forever family. Of course, the children only know that they are here for a summer camp.

Sooo, last week we all went to the airport to pick up our buddy and bring him home to stay with us for 2.5 weeks. Let me just say that we were ALL a little nervous...mainly about the language barrier. Ni Hao and wo ai ni are just about the extent of our mandarin :)

Well, my little "I" and our new buddy got along instantly...chattering away..."I" in English and our buddy in mandarin AND they totally understood each other!!! Charades have become the norm around here although we are picking up some mandarin and he is picking up a TON of english :)

Our buddy is the most precious little boy I have ever met. He is so polite and obeys wonderfully. He gets along great with everyone and has been such a joy. Bottom line: OUR LITTLE BUDDY NEED HIS FOREVER FAMILY!!! Bottom line: I need YOUR HELP in spreading the word about this precious boy...God's child!!!

Will you join us in praying that his family will be found? Will you help us spread the word? Could you be his family???

I wish I could show you a picture of his precious face and his fabulous smile, but I'm not allowed :) So here...his sweet little fingers is what you get :)
I would be lying if I didn't tell you how my heart aches at the thought of sending him home and not knowing what will happen to him. Will his family be found or will he live the rest of his child years alone in an orphanage? Will he have a mama and baba to love him and care for him when he's sad & scared or hungry & tired or when he's happy & wants to celebrate or just needs the basic love to survive...the love of a forever family.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grand Finale Raffle

BUMP...I'm bumping this post to the top...there is still time to be part of our Grand Finale Raffle where EVERYONE WINS a prize!!!!!!!!!
If you are able, please spread the word...we need to raise $8700 more before we can board the plane to our sweet son in Sept. Without that $8700 we won't be able to travel. We are confident that the Lord has already provided that money, He just hasn't shown us, yet :)

July 5th:
The realization that we could be holding our boy in 8-10 weeks is unimaginable. To say we are excited would be a HUGE understatement :) I woke up this morning just bursting with joy...we are coming sweet one...so soon!!!

Since we are drawing close to our time to travel, our financial need becomes very serious. We still need $10,000 before we travel and we can not board that plane until we have it. We have paid all the agency fees...YAY! What's left??? A required $5200 orphanage donation, our travel fees, and in-country fees.

$10,000 seems like sooo much but when you realize that the Lord has already provided almost $18,000 in 5 months...it's simply unbelievable! God's hand in provision has been so clear and so perfect. His confirmation that Solomon is indeed our son has been amazing!! He has used each of you in ways that have brought us to our knee's...ways of financial support...ways of prayer...ways of encouragement...you guys have been the most beautiful gift and we are so blessed by EACH of you!!

We are kicking off our GRAND FINALE RAFFLE...
a raffle where EVERYONE WINS a PRIZE!!!

Every entry WINS!!!

For each $20 ticket you purchase,
you will be entered into our raffle and each ticket will win a prize!
Spread the word..tell all your friends about all the cool prizes :)

Prizes include:
James 1:27 Junk Posse/Solomon bead necklace ($110 value)
"Be the Change..Adopt" Junk Posse/Solomon bead necklace ($110 value)
Panasonic Electric Shaver ($130 value)
Ipod Shuffle ($60 value)
Signed Jeremy Camp CD
Night Owl hooded towels
Children's blankets
Ladybug blanket
Solomon Beads necklaces
Solomon Bead bracelets
Solomon Bead earrings
Pure Religion T-shirts
Simply Love China T-shirts
Disney totes
$10 Itunes gift cards
$5 Starbuck gift cards
more prizes coming!!!!!
**We will continue to add prizes as they come in!!**
If you have an item you'd like to donate to the raffle, please email us at wearechinabound@gmail.com

The raffle will end on July 28th. You will be notified of your prize by the 29th.