Friday, May 20, 2011

My middle kids on adoption and babies...

Tr: Mommy...when I get married I don't think I"m going to have any babies from my tummy.  I want to adopt all of them.
Mom: No matter how your babes come to you, they are an amazing blessing. I can't wait to see how the Lord brings you your children. Why do you want to adopt all of your kids?
Tr: I don't know, I just think adoption is so cool. I hope my husband is adopted, too then we would be a totally adoptive family.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

"I" had to chime in and here's what he's thinking about:

I: Mom, when are you going to get a baby in your tummy?
Mom: I don't think I will but it's up to the Lord to decide that.
I: Why not...
Tr: Mom won't get a baby in her tummy because daddy won't let her.

Ohhhh, these kids are too much!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He LOVES me!!!!

One thing we quickly became aware of when Cana first came home was how long true bonding and attachment takes when adopting a new child whether they are an infant or older child. It's not something that happens right's one of those things that you take day by day and it can take years for a deep, true bond and attachment.

One of the greatest joys is to see little sparks of attachment in your child. It may be something they say or something they do but there is nothing more beautiful when you can see the fruit of attachment and bonding.

I noticed our first bonding moment with Solomon about 45 minutes after we met him. We were back in our hotel room getting to know each other and playing the sticker game. You know, the one where you stick stickers on your face and your child's face to promote eye contact.  He looked soooo deeply into my eyes and I knew he knew we were his!  The next moment was when he was playing catch with his daddy that same day...he wanted to play for hours and hours...he'd lock eye with Paul every time he threw the ball or caught the was so amazing.

We have since been blessed with little 'sparks' of his healthy bonding & attachment but something very special happened today...

TODAY...8 months after Solomon became ours, he told me, "I lub you for making me noodles mama."  Has he told me that he's loved me before?  Sure after I have said it to him first but NEVER has he told me all on his own. He then wanted to hold my hand as we shared our cup-o-noodles together.  Now, I didn't make a big deal of it in front of him because it truly caught me off guard but I was dancing on the inside when I realized it was his first time telling me he loved me.  I got up to get something and he was right behind me hugging my leg.  He then wanted my attention (which he usually tries to get by saying 'mom' over and over) but instead he kissed my arm and said, 'mom'. It's hilarious...he's almost googly eyed at me...he keeps walking in the office and giving me huge smiles and staring at me.  It's a smile and stare I've never seen before...FINALLY...finally my boy is in-love with me!  Finally my sweet boy knows what it truly means to be in-love with his mama and to have a mama that loves him back! Oh, precious one, you finally know this is your finally know that you are forever ours and we are forever yours!  Oh Lord, thank you for the gift of our son! How undeserving we are!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why we homeschool!!!!!!!

For moments like this...this is WHY we homeschool!!!
Could it get any more beautiful? Lord, thank you for this amazing privilege!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our miracle girl & the fight to bring her home!

Today will always be a day in our family history that catches my breath. A day that we will never forget...

5 years ago it was the day we were DTC (docs to China)..waiting to be matched with our girl AND 4 years ago when received a phone call from our agency stating that the CCAA had told us we had to return our daughter's file and we could no longer adopt her....Some of you have read our miracle girl's story and some of you have not.

May 1, 2007 
we received the referral of our beautiful Cana...
May 12 
while we were preparing to travel, she turned 1...we celebrated...
May 15
the day our lives were forever changed
the fight of our lives began...directed by God!
read her story HERE
God continues to use our miracle girl's story in ways we could have never imagined.