Thursday, September 09, 2010

Day 5

4am: There are only 2 reasons to get out of bed this early... 1) cops at the door tryin' to chisel me out of my case-dough wantin' to cut me down and slam me in a chicago overcoat, or 2) the whole world is new and you can't wait to see what this day holds for you. (don't worry, Stacy isn't on the giggle juice, this is Paul posting :P)

For Solomon, I'm guessing it's more likely to be #2 (but we're still keeping our eyes out, we don't want to end up in a Chinese clubhouse). They told us that his schedule was to wake up at 6, nap at 2, bed time at 8. But he's waking up at 4am, nap, what's that... and going to bed at 9. I know it can't last (he has to sleep sometime, right?), but he sure never seems to run out of energy! It's exciting to see Solomon so happy! While having lunch with the orphanage director, there were a couple of things that Solomon says frequently that we wanted to understand what they meant. The most common 2 phrases that he says to us is asking us to hold him and then saying "Let's go!"

So somehow Stacy managed to talk about day 4 without ever mentioning that we got on a fast train going 250 km/h. How can you forget to mention that?! I didn't believe them so I clocked the speed with my gps and sure enough, it went 250 km/h, cool stuff!

I'm going to post a couple of videos of Solomon. In case anyone wasn't sure yet if he belonged in this family or not, there's no doubt after watching these silly videos of him having fun :D Oh yeah, we went to a museum of some old dead guy, saw some lady make some tea, and took a walk thru the park. Solomon was so tired he kept dozing off all day long and we ended the day with him finally letting Stacy hold him while he fell asleep. It was a good day!



Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

I love waking up to your new posts every morning! I'm so glad that Solomon is doing so great!

Amy P.

blessedmomto8 said...


Happiness in Numbers said...

So happy for you guys, we can't wait to see more videos.

Emma Kate's family said...

YOU are hilarious, Paul. My jaw dropped and I started reading and thought to myself, "Oh, boy. She is really tired" even as it occurred to me that it was not her voice and maybe....yep. It's you! Paul!

Jiggle juice? Chinese Clubhouse? That's just funny. And what is a case-dough...I don't know but it sounds good when you write it. Not good as in something I would want, but good as in effective "urban guy in trouble" language.

Nice train, by the way. Is that how you got to Jinjiang? And just for the record, breaking out your GPS to verify the speed, is not "jiggle juice, CHinese flophouse" worthy, sir. Your true colors came out there! :)

You all look so happy! It is really great to read each post and feel a small part of the journey.

Just a thought, but when our Anna is exhausted and/or stressed, she actually ramps WAY up energy wise. No one would think she was tired, but she really is. I wonder if some of his energy is tired in disguise? Maybe not, but what you wrote made me smile because that is exactly what our China time and early months home were like. BUSY, busy child going non-stop. She's calmed dramatically now.

Thank you for posting each day! It is hard to wait for them because we look forward to your writing. I'm still laughing, though, from today's entry. It was such a funny and great shock in that first paragraph! Well done.

Our family: said...

We are loving the stories! Keep them coming. Steve will definitely want to hear about the speed of that train. Crazy.
God bless you guys!