Friday, February 10, 2012

HOPE for Herschel HEART Necklace

I am beyond excited to share with you about an incredible necklace that has been designed to help fundraise for Herschel's heart surgery.

Gayly contacted me when she saw that my team and I were running the LA marathon for Herschel. You see, Herschel had touched her heart a few weeks back and she decided that she wanted to help however she could. So, she designed these gorgeous necklaces to raise funds for his surgery.

We are joining our fundraising forces. ALL proceeds from the necklace sales will go directly to Herschel's surgery fund.  You will receive a necklace as a gift with your $30 donation (plus $3 s/h) Can you believe it??  You must give your donation for through the link below to receive your necklace.
Isn't it beautiful??? I just LOVE it!!! Check out Gayly's etsy shop to get yours.  Will you please help us spread the word???

To be really clear...ALL Hope necklace purchases/donations will go directly to Herschel's surgery and our team fund for him.

Monday, February 06, 2012

It's a BOY!!!

UPDATE 2/10...we have raised $900 so far for Herschel...we have $9100 to go! I know that seems like such a big number but it's not to the Lord. Every little bit helps this sweet one get closer to his life-saving surgery!

Hahahaha...gotcha ya...didn't I???  Well, it IS a BOY but he's not our boy.  He is a precious, beautiful baby boy orphaned in China.  An incredible little guy with several severe heart defects. Heart defects that will become fatal if they aren't repaired.

His name is Herschel.

He is in desperate need of a LIFE-SAVING surgery.

A surgery that costs $10,000.

26.2 miles just might change his life forever.

I will run 26.2 miles for this sweet boy on MARCH 18.

I will run to raise funds...

I will run to raise awareness...

I will run to bring glory to our Lord...

I will run because someday, I want him to know that someone on the other side of the world loves him and wants him to live.
We love you baby boy!!

Several of my incredible girls from Team His Strength will join me on March 18 to run for Herschel, too. We are joining forces to raise the funds needed to help Herschel.

I'm excited to share that we will be running on Team Love Without Boundaries. This will be my 2nd marathon running this incredible organization. An organization full of volunteers that love the children of china.

Can you help? NO amount is too small!!!! Check out our team page HERE.

Our entire team would covet your prayers as we prepare for this race and most importantly, prayers of protection and healing for Herschel.