Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Please Pray!!!!

Wednesday: Please pray for our precious, precious friend...Pastor Maury...his wife unexpectedly passed away this morning. She is with our Jesus...the greatest love of her life. Peggy was the most beautiful example of our Lord....truly an amazing, amazing woman of God!!! She loved her hubby & children sooo deeply. We love her and will miss her so much!

Thursday: Please continue to pray for Maury and his 2 children as the reality is sinking in that sweet Peggy is gone. Pray for my precious mother-in-law...Peggy was one of her best friends. Pray for our church body as they ache. We have great peace and excitement that she is with our Lord but the grief is still present. We will see you sooo soon my friend.

Evolution of Dance

This is one of my absolute's HILARIOUS!!
(you can pause my site music at the bottom ;)