Friday, July 09, 2010

3 Years ago today...

We walked into the Civil Affairs in Kunming, China and the most beautiful, amazing little girl was placed in our arms. The journey to her was unimaginably difficult but beautifully ordained by our God.

You MUST read her will leave you in awe of what a miracle our baby C truly is...all the way down to her name...a name that the Lord gave to us 1 year before we even knew who she was...her story is here!

I will NEVER forget the moments after we stepped out of the cab. The realization that we were just about to be united with our little girl was enough to make the world completely stop for us. Our guide swung open the creaky gate and then we were guided through a door...we walked into a room with tons of chinese people and one screaming girl. Everyone was saying 'Dan Feng, Dan Feng' and then before we knew it our sweet Dan Feng was placed in our arms. That moment completely took my breath away...I was trying so hard to hold back all of the emotions that led up to that moment...the emotions of joy from her referral to the grief and despair of almost losing her to the very guarded joy of a reversed decision and she was, screaming in my arms...absolutely one of the most unreal, wonderful, glorious days of my life...a day where the realness of my God & all He had done become so crystal clear!!!

Our sweet, precious, amazing girl...we love you more than words could ever describe! Three years baby girl...can you believe it? We have all come so far from that beautiful morning on July 9, 2007. Our lives are forever changed by the miracle of you!
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Celebratin' the 4th

We had a FABULOUS 4th! It was a beautiful, full day at the beach!! We spent the whole day playin' with dh's family and our dearest friends who were in town for a very short time!
The boyzzz...
The youngest grandbaby, my nephew
My beautiful SIL.
My neice
My neice
The twins!
My big boy :)
My baby girl!
My biggest boy and my niece!
My biggest girl and my niece :)
My man.
I pray each of you enjoyed your 4th...a day to reflect and enjoy the freedom's that so many have died to protect. Our appreciation for our military is beyond words. Thank you for protecting our land...thank you for loving our America & all it was founded on enough to sacrifice your life.