Friday, February 06, 2009

Front Loading washers

We bought a front loading washer a year ago and I've always been a little scared about one of my younger one's climbing into it & being shut in. The manufacturer recommends that you leave the door open when not in use to air the unit out...this always made me nervous!!

There has been a tragic accident in a town very near where we live.

As soon as I heard about this, I headed off to Babies-R-Us to see what I could find to lock our washer and look what I found.... lock This thing is is spring loaded so if you open the door and want to leave it open, the lock automatically clicks down and the door can only be shut if you unlock the device and lock it again. LOVE IT!!! It's a must have!!!

Anything to help keep these little boogers out!!!

Ahhh...they are so little here...the are still just as naughty...hehehehe!