Saturday, December 26, 2009

So Blessed!

The BEST gift babies!!

More Christmas pictures to follow :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who will love me?

"What if you woke up today and discovered you were completely alone? What if you were a tiny baby who was sick, crying out in a crowded orphanage for anyone to comfort you? Or what if you were three years old and had no idea what happened to your parents or whether they were coming back to you? For thousands of children who live as orphans, this is their grim reality. But LWB works every single day to change their futures through foster care, education, medical care, and orphanage assistance."

These are the words from Karen at Love Without Boundaries that I received in a recent email letter. How do they make you feel? They make me feel sad...frustrated...broken-hearted...despairing...these words jab at this mama's heart in the most painful, deep way. Knowing our precious daughter experienced those exact feelings...knowing that 2.5 years after coming home, she is still deeply effected by being losing her family (her foster family). She has a fear of being abandoned that has yet to leave her....but in my broken-heartness I feel challenged...inspired...hopeful...determined...determined to minister to these precious ones.

Show us our determined hearts!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just 2 more nigh-nights

My darling little C woke up this morning with Christmas on her mind....

Baby C: Mommy, can we open our presents?
Mommy: Nope, you have to wait 2 more nigh-nights
Baby C: How Come?
Mommy: Because it's not time yet...just 2 more nigh-nights
Baby C: Mom, I want to go nigh-night right now :)