Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The time has come...

The time has come for all of my bloggy friends that were praying for precious Dalton to swing by their blog...give them some bloggy lovin', and check out their puzzle fundraiser!! You don't want to miss being a part of this.

So many of you became very attached to this sweet many of you invested hours of prayer and advocacy for him...NOW you can FOREVER be a part of his journey home by purchasing a puzzle piece or 2 :) Just think...once Dalton is home, he will look at the puzzle...he will see the beautiful pictures on the front but then mama & baba will turn it over and he will see name after name on the back...he will ask his mama, "who's names are those?" And mama will be able to tell him about every single person who prayed for him...who advocated for him....who LOVED HIM long before he ever came home!!

Sweet, beautiful are LOVED by many!!! You have touched sooo many lives! Did you know that because of you, other children from your orphanage now have forever families coming to get them too!! All because of those names on the back of your puzzles, you were prayed for and will be loved forever. We love you sweet one and can't wait to see you in your family's arms!!!

Okay guys...I better stop now or I won't be able to see my screen through my tears...this boy has my heart! Hop on over...we are talking only $5 a piece to forever change sweet Dalton's life...And I'm talking changing it on soooo many different levels...please help this baby boy home!!
(Dalton & Solomon)
Beautiful brotherhood...a brotherhood perfectly created by our Lord!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful Meadow...

UPDATE: WE HAVE A COMMITTED FAMILY!!!! To God be all the glory!!! Please pray for this precious family...pray that all the details are worked out quickly as they begin the paperchase to this beautiful treasure!!

I just have to share with you one of the most beautiful little girls waiting in China. She is 1 and desperately needs her family. Sweet Meadow is being cared for by an amazing foster family...a family that I have been blessed to chat with several times via email. They are american & are caring for 2 sweet treasures.
Here is what they have shared with me:
DOB: Nov. 26 2009
Meadow has had no serious illness'. She has no heart conditions or thyroid issues. She is a very happy, healthy, well-adjusted child. She has been fostered by an American family since shortly after her birth (so only spoken to in English). She cannot sit up or crawl yet. She can hold her own bottle, hold herself up in a 'push up' position, do an 'army crawl', roll around, and LOVES to babble. She plays well independently and also enjoys being with others. She is entranced with lights and loves to rock, sway and bounce to music. She has such a sweet and joyful spirit. She's a good eater. She has no teeth and is eating pureed food. Lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef, eggs, pasta, etc. She drinks soy formula. She's had trouble with frequent spit up, but I found that the soy formula has helped, as well as making her food/drink thicker with rice cereal. We love this little girl, and it's our hearts desire to see her placed in a Godly, loving family. She will be a blessing to anyone who brings her into their home. She has greatly enriched our lives!

Meadow has Downs Syndrome. She is not on the shared list, yet. From the foster family: The orphanage gave us permission to advocate for her (as well as the other Downs kids at the orphanage). She will be put on the adoption list with a committed adoptive family.

The orphanage staff loves this little girl very much and desperately wants her to have a forever family.

WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD about Meadow? For anyone wanting more information, please have them email me at