Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Update...

P's procedure went well today. They did remove some more stuff...not a very technical term, I know. The GI dr. was pretty sure it was part of the original precancerous polyp. She feels it was leftover/missed the first time...whatever that means. When asked if it was new growth, she said it was highly unlikely. Soooo, they removed it and biopsied the surrounding area.

Now we wait for the pathology report...uugghh!! I was pretty sure that baby C's trial stored up plenty of the "waiting lesson" we needed to learn but I guess not :) Eventhough the molding and shaping isn't always fun & sometimes extremely painful, it's totally WORTH IT!! I'm so thankful our God see's fit to change us because I need a lot of work & I don't want to stay the way I am...make me more like you Lord!!

We are a little caught-off guard by today's findings but we are absolutely well, totally peaceful, completely trusting, & definitely hopeful!!! Love you guys...THANK YOU for continually praying for our family!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Tomorrow P will be having another out-patient procedure...ugh. The dr. will be going back in and checking for any new growth and biopsying the area for cancer cells.

My faithful prayer warriors, please be praying for tomorrow...for wisdom for Dr. Bali, for NO cancer, but if there is...that she would find it!!

My precious Lord, I put my trust in You ALONE! Protect my sweetie and continue to give us Your amazing peace and wisdom.

And now....some pictures of my blessings :)

3 Hours later...lots of interruptions...beautiful braids...priceless mommy-daughter time

All you need is popsicles AND.....

suckers to have 2 happy 2 year olds :)