Saturday, August 13, 2011

IN China!!!!

Kaden's family landed safe and sound!!! They are about 18 hours away from him being placed in their arms.  What a ton of emotions......we are ecstatic....Solomon can't stop talking about it, "Mama...Jianzhu is coming today?? When is he coming home?? I want to see MY Jianzhu!"

I sit back and look at all the Lord has done and I'm's absolutely incredible!!! Soon I will post about our deep love for this sweet one and all the amazing miraculous things the Lord did to bring him home to a beautiful christian family that happens to be friends of ours that happen to live only 15 minutes away.

Sweet, precious Kaden, this is your last night sleeping without your family...this is the LAST night you will be an orphan! We love you so much and can't wait to hug and kiss you!!

I can not wait for our boys to be reunited! We will wait a couple weeks so Kaden can build his bond with his new family but we can't is going to be amazing. Solomon...our sweet son who has been preparing for Kaden to come home for a year...Kaden, our son's orphanage 'brother' who has had to grieve Solomon as if he has died, not knowing he would ever see him again.........ohhhh, just look at what the Lord has done......he has brought the boys back together..........