Saturday, January 01, 2011

Solomon's Timeline

Just for the record...I wanted to have Solomon's Timeline written out:

Solomon's Timeline

1/18/10 ~ Solomon found us through an unexpected was LOVE at first site...we INSTANTLY new he was our son
1/20~ sent LOI to our agency
2/9~ Received PA...YAHOO!!
3/3 ~ sent in I800A app. (confirmed rec' 3/8)
3/22 ~ immigration fingerprints
4/24 ~ Received I797C approval
4/30 ~ DTC
5/13 ~ LID
7/2 ~ LOA
7/6 ~ I800 sent (long weekend & holiday delay)
7/22 ~ I800 approval
7/29 ~ Cable
8/16 ~ Article 5
8/31 ~ TA
Travel 9/3-9/17 (CA 9/15)
HOME TO STAY 9/17!!!


to each of my precious bloggy friends!
You have been an amazing support, 
inspiration, & true friend
to me and my family.
I love EACH of you!

May God bless you beyond your
wildest dreams this year. May you know
Him & serve Him in a deeper way this year.

My prayer for this year is that MANY,
MANY babes will find their forever families!
That our families will be used mightily in
helping to answer God's CLEAR CALL
to care for the orphan! Spread the call
my sweet friends...allow the Lord to use
you OUTSIDE of your comfort zone!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Dalton's family

Check it is Dalton's family BLOG!!! Hop on over, spread some lovin', and follow this sweet one home.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did I tell you??

Some of you know and some of you don't...hehehe...ooohhhh, maybe I'll just leave this post at that and make you wonder....LOL!!!!

Any guesses.............

No, we aren't adopting (not yet anyways...LOL..sorry hubby you don't stand a chance :).....sorry to say that it's not quite such a miraculous event BUT it's super COOL nonetheless.

I'm running a marathon...the LA Marathon on March 20th to be exact but here is the COOL part...I'm on TEAM LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES....see, I told you that it's COOL!! I'm running to help raise funds for the sweet babes in China that need immediate medical attention.

LWB has become very special to us. You see, our sweet Solomon was blessed to live in an orphanage that was sponsored by LWB. The love and amazing care that was provided is a gift we will never be able to repay. Something even more special to us....LWB has recently opened a healing home in Solomon's province which means more medically fragile babies will receive the individual care that they will need to survive.

That's it...right there...we are talking about survival, not just pleasant living conditions but SURVIVAL for these precious treasures. God has blessed LWB with an amazing staff that has been able to be used by Him to give the gift of life to so many children.

Would you please keep our entire team in your prayers. Prayers that we would be protected from injury during our training and that we would each raise the funds needed to help the precious orphan babes in China. Here is a link to my Team LWB and see the Lord provide and if you feel led to sponsor me, you can do so through the above link. All donations go directly to LWB and are tax-deductable.

Anyone up for 14 miles on place...say 7ish??? :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas fun...

What an absolutely beautiful celebration we had this year. I think the pictures will tell it all ;) We were just overwhelmed with the sense that our boy finally knows this is HOME and that he's exactly where he's suppose to be.

The night before...oh soooo tired...
It's finally time....Toooo excited!!!

~~Fun at Nana & Papa's~~

~~The FINALE at Grammy & Papa's~~
Don't think my boy could have been any happier!! His very own bike. He kept saying over and over "Gampa got me a bike!!!"

Praying each of you had a wonderful day celebrating our Savior's birth!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Prayer Request!

UPDATE FROM BOBO'S MAMA 6:40PM: BoBo came through with flying colors (and I do mean colors!). His color is wonderful - lips, fingers and toes are pink and rosy, with beautiful nailbeds. He has tubes and wires and lines sprouting from all over and looks just perfect. The surgery went off exactly as planned, no surprises, and the surgeon seemed very pleased with the results. We finally got to see BoBo in PICU around 6 pm, and took turns visiting for a little while. He's being kept heavily sedated and is on meds for pain management, so wasn't really alert or aware, and won't be for the rest of the night. Thanks so much for all your prayers. I was truly at peace throughout the day and didn't really feel that BoBo was in any danger at all as long as he had God's hand over him. Now we pray for a strong recovery and a restful stay at the hospital.
Thank you guys so much for praying for this precious family! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD! While in China, mama & baba weren't even sure if Bobo would be able to have this life saving surgery. Thank you Lord!!!!

I'm asking for prayer for precious Bobo. He is 3yrs. old and we were very blessed to meet him & his new family in China. I mentioned them in our travel journal (3rd paragraph). Anyways....tomorrow very early in the morning he will be going into major open heart surgery. Please be praying for his protection, success of the surgery, and guidance for the drs. and of course, peace for his mama & baba.