Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is LOVE!

My oldest babe holding my youngest babe...man, I love this kid...he is so tender and so loving with his siblings! (most of the time ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012


Do you ever just sit back and watch your babes and think, "Seriously Lord, You've entrusted these amazing babes to me?" What an incredibly overwhelming responsibility...fabulously, perfectly His plan...so glorious the honor and privilege!
I had the honor of speaking at a seminar at our agency last weekend and as I shared about our kiddos, I became very emotional. I was emotional at the realization that I could have missed this...had I gotten what I thought I wanted...what I thought the Lord should do...I would have missed the most amazing, miraculous treasures of my life.  As I spoke to these sweet families and I looked into each of their eyes, I just knew they were at place that we were at over 11 years ago...families longing for a babe to hold...desperate for a child to call their own...not understanding why the Lord gave them the desire for child yet they were barren...all of those emotions hit me as I showed them a picture of our family and all I could say was, "The thought that we could have missed this had we gotten what we thought we wanted...."It took me a minute to pull it together...I didn't need to say anymore...the tears in their eyes told me they understood....they understood that God's plans are greater...His ways are higher! Praying for each of them as they decide what they will do next!!
Father, thank you for pursuing us...for giving us what YOU had planned for us! Thank you for being so gentle and patient with us!