Saturday, August 02, 2008

Twin Update

Not too much to update but here's an email from "B" (aka, mama):

Hello Everyone, And, "J", Thank- you!! I think this is maybe your friend, "A", came by this morning with antibacterial liquid soap and and handwipes and protein bars! It is exactly what we needed! After having been violently ill myself I just didn't have the energy to go shopping. ANd who knows if they even sell such things in GZ??? But now we are stocked. As for Judy...I know why we all call her THE AMAZING JUDY!!! We have almost run her into the ground and I hope she survives our stay in China. She is awesome! We also had an American doctor come by early this morning offering to help. He has just adopted a precious little girl over here. He went with us to the PICU "to help us prepare for the trip home and to see how we will care for and feed the girls on the flight as well as advise us on long term care." He was satisfied with the PICU and care they were being given for now. He was of great help. We did try to explain his presence of advising for the flight home and long term care as to not step on the toes of the doctors here. We are comfortable with their care for now but we still need to hire a pediatric doctor for the flight home.Thanks for any advice and all well wishes and prayers. ~"B"

Friday, August 01, 2008

Please continue to pray!!

Please, please continue to pray for the family I shared about earlier this week. They are still in China and twins are not getting better!! Here is an update from their mama:

After several miserable and scary nights in a "regular" hospital room with "E", which we were lucky to even get, "E"was moved up to the PICU. Although her health did decline, we feel more comfortable with the care given in the PICU rather than the care we were giving her in the "regular" room. So "M" and "E" are both in PICU. "M" is off the ventialtor but "E" may have to be put on it. This means that we only get to see the girls for a few minutes a day. Thank for all your concern and good thoughts!!! If anyone knows of a pediatric doctor to hire for the flight home, let me know...for when of if that happens.~"B"
PS. And today they said this a rare pneumonia. ???

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're all okay

I've received a couple of emails from out-of-state friends regarding the earthquake today. The epicenter was about five miles northeast of Yorba Linda...we live right next to YL. It was a 5.4 which is a really good, medium size quake....strong enough to cause things to fall off of shelves and walls.

For my youngest, this was their first earthquake. I was in Wal-Mart with all 5 kiddos when the ground started to roll and I started to pull the kids into me as I waited to see if the quake was going to get bigger or not. It definitely got bigger and people started screaming and running through the story...NOT a good idea! Things were flying off the shelves. We happened to be in the candle aisle...not the best place to be during an earthquake. There was glass breaking all around us. I kept looking around and tried to scoot us back into a safer spot. You just never know how long they will last or how strong they will get. Once everything settled down, a sweet lady came running down the aisle to check on us. She said she remembered passing us in the store earlier and all she could think of was finding us and making sure we were okay.

My precious 'I' was terrified. I couldn't get him to stop crying :( He cried the whole way home and hasn't left daddy's side since (praise the Lord daddy was working from home today). The girls didn't seem too bothered by it. I am soooo proud of my older 2. Everything happened so fast but big brother was on the ball. He grabbed 'I' and held him and kept asking if the babies were okay. Mommy was a little shaken but more out of fear of 'how am I going to keep all my babies safe'. I've lived in So. Cal. my whole life so I'm pretty use to earthquake's and have no problem staying calm. But the realization that I only had two arms and 5 kiddos worried me!! We had an awesome saftey talk when we got home so I think that has helped to calm everyone.

Love ya guys!!

We live within all the red dots :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Please Pray!!

I'm calling on all prayer warriors. Please pray for one of our agency families. They are in China right now. B and M received their precious TWIN girls a week ago and they are very, very sick. Both babies are now in the hospital and one is in ICU. One has severe viral pneumonia and the other has viral bronchitis. Please pray for healing, saftey, and strength for the girls! Also, pray for strength and wisdom for mama and baba. They obviously can't come home until the girls are better so pray for this aspect, too.

Sweet Gotcha moment!